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Session VIII: Sliced

General Summary

After Balasar's death, the Misfits recuperate and plan a journey to Tarik's home country of Kalleia, where they could live in peace, far away from Vallandian law enforcement. Their trip was interrupted by the arrival of an ally of Balasar Blackwater, part of the Inferno gang roaming the The Wastelands of Reagarr, the very same gang Balasar was a member of and that his father, Jako Blackwater, led. Daedalus , sent by Jako Blackwater, redirected the trip to the The Wastelands of Reagarr to have a meeting with Jako Blackwater, but that trip was also interrupted. The Slicers, whom the The Black Dawn had heard of in hushed tones and rumors, had been sent to eliminate their group.   The Slicers consisted of a raging minotaur, a sleek metal android, an elusive sniper, a threatening Unidentified Slicer with a porcelain mask, and a skilled halberd fighter, later revealed to be Alathar Casper, Avaahn's oldest brother. In the southern forest of the former nation of Reagarr, the The Black Dawn were defeated by The Slicers, all being teleported off to a Protectors holding unit, except for Avaahn, who narrowly escaped within the extradimensional space of a rope trick.
The Black Dawn
Avaahn Casper
Report Date
18 Mar 2020


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