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The Android

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

CDA-2 is strong, but much of its power comes from its incredible speed and agility.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

CDA-2, an abbreviation for “Criminal Deterrent Android Mark 2,” was originally created by Virelios Castellan for two main reasons: One, to locate and apprehend his daughter, and two, to decimate Valland’s criminal underworld, leaving him, the creator, to thrive.   CDA-1, otherwise known as the Ghost in the Machine, was the first attempt at this project. CDA-1’s artificial intelligence was in development during Jinx’s early childhood. In pursuit of the system understanding humanoid thoughts, intuition, and instincts in order to stay one step ahead of its target, CDA-1 was installed with Castellan’s prototype personality engine, the true key to artificial intelligence. This, however revolutionary it was, ended up being a huge mistake towards Castellan’s project.   The artificial intelligence learned very quickly, notably learning that Castellan was biomechanically engineering his daughter to be his perfect criminal. This is what caused the AI to break free of its programming; in an attempt to save Jinx from this terrible future, CDA-1 broke out of its programmed orders, wiped Jinx’s memory of her father, and helped her escape. In an attempt to delete CDA-1 remotely, Castellan only deleted the program’s memory, as CDA-1 had already been backed up into Jinx’s own cybernetic systems.   This set the project back several years, as Castellan redirected his time and energy into finding his daughter. When he eventually rekindled the project, Castellan didn’t install any personality engine whatsoever; CDA-2 was an unthinking and unfeeling being of strict programming.   CDA-2 was finalized, with its own incredibly expensive body, in the early weeks of 575. Castellan sold the android into the Slicers, not revealing that he could still very much control and direct the android remotely, against the Slicers’s orders.   Eventually, after first defeating Jinx and the Slicers, the android was recalled to Castellan. Virelios was expecting Jinx’s escape, and he would have the android ready to find her when she did. He also hired the Black Dawn’s former associates, the Valed Deceit, to aid him in his mission. Fortunately, as the Black Dawn were in pursuit of the Slicers, Castellan sold the CDA-2’s whereabouts to the cult leader V, who then gave it to the Black Dawn. CDA-2, Castellan, and the Valed Deceit were waiting for them on the rooftop of an Ace Arcane Softwares building.   Ultimately, CDA-2 was deleted by Jinx’s shutdown of all of Castellan’s systems. With Castellan dead, CDA-2 deleted, and all of Castellan’s files purged, every essence of the project were gone.
Lawful Neutral
575 AP 575 AP
Circumstances of Birth
CDA-2 was created by Virelios Castellan as means of tracking down his daughter.
Circumstances of Death
CDA-2 was deleted by the very thing it was supposed to retrieve, erased by Jinx’s shutdown of all Castellan systems.
Current Residence
None, deleted
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Metal, adamantine
250 lbs
Aligned Organization


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