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Ace Arcane Softwares


Ace Arcane sells very reliable systems and programs of technomagic, one of the top competing technomagic software brands. Other than being the most lucrative software company, there have been recent rumors of Ace Arcane delving into artificial intelligence; conscious beings made entirely out of technomagic energy.


Ace Arcane Softwares began as a small startup that fixed and upgraded customer's magic items, and soon gained enough funding to be the main pioneer into the world of technomagic, developing the first version of technomagic software. Since then, Ace Arcane has updated their software at a consistent, staying ahead of its corporate opponents. Ace Arcane is famously very silent for its works in progress or secret projects it may be working on.

Behind Closed Doors

Unbeknownst to the public, Ace Arcane Softwares was secretly a front for Castellan Enterprises' own criminal wrongdoings. This is mostly evident in the Criminal Deterrent Android (otherwise known as Project Clean Slate), which was Castellan attempt at wiping the criminal underworld clean for his own domination. Under Ace Arcane Softwares, Castellan first created an artificial intelligence, known as CDA-1 , that later went rogue and escaped with Jinx of the Black Dawn, with both of their memories being wiped. Many years later, also under Ace Arcane Softwares, Castellan created CDA-2, a completed android without the level of AI as before, to prevent another rogue AI.


After the Great Blackout, Ace Arcane Softwares was revealed to be a front for Virelios Castellan's illicit plans for criminal domination. The biggest case for this was the hidden "Project Clean Slate," otherwise known as the Criminal Deterrent Android. The Valland government liquidated all of Ace Arcane's assets and shut down the whole company.

546 - 575

Corporation, Business

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