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Castellan Enterprises


Castellan Enterprises sold the most advanced military arcano-tech in the Realms, at least the most advanced that was known.


Castellan enterprises began with Virelios Castellan building a small company of arcano-tech inventors and built up from selling that technology. Over time, Castellan became more focused on running the company and managing the inventors than manufacturing himself. There was a gradual shift in just general arcano-tech to an exclusively military-focused client base. Castellan Enterprises would then become a prolific source of advanced military technology. Castellan Enterprises would be liquefied in 575, when Virelios Castellan was arrested for orchestrating numerous illicit operations through the Misfits of Valland. All of Castellan Enterprise's assets were either liquidated or confiscated by the military.

560 - 575

Corporation, Manufacturing
Notable Members


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