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Ghost in the Machine

(a.k.a. CDA-1)

The Ghost in the Machine is a rogue AI known only by the criminals Jinx, Virelios Castellan, and the rest of the Black Dawn. The Ghost is Jinx's patron, a digital mind downloaded within her own cybernetic enhancements.

Physical Description

Body Features

The Ghost in the Machine has no physical body at this point, although at one point briefly uploaded into one during Session XII.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

CDA-1, otherwise known as the Ghost in the Machine, was the first attempt at aspiring criminal mastermind Virelios Castellan's mission for domination of the criminal world. An abbreviation for "Criminal Deterrent Android: Mark 1", CDA-1 was created as the ultimate bane to all crime in Valland, to wipe the criminal underworld clean. This would leave a clean slate for Virelios to ultimately seize power and rise to the top, as he knew the android's contingencies and controls.   CDA-1’s artificial intelligence was in development during Jinx’s early childhood. In pursuit of the system understanding humanoid thoughts, intuition, and instincts in order to stay one step ahead of its target, CDA-1 was installed with Castellan’s prototype personality engine, the true key to artificial intelligence. This innovation, however revolutionary it was, ended up being a immense detriment towards Castellan’s project.   The artificial intelligence learned very quickly, notably learning that Castellan was biomechanically engineering his daughter to be his perfect criminal. This is what caused the AI to break free of its programming; in an attempt to save Jinx from this terrible future, CDA-1 broke out of its programmed orders, wiped Jinx’s memory of her father, and helped her escape. In an attempt to delete CDA-1 remotely, Castellan only deleted the program’s memory, as CDA-1 had already been backed up into Jinx’s own cybernetic systems.   Jinx and the Ghost in the Machine, as it was now called, would spend the rest of their lives together, physically inseparable as well. The Ghost retained Castellan's ability to manipulate and control technomagic (hacking), although it had no body to apply it. However, it was able to instill these magical abilities into Jinx, as a patron for Jinx's spellcasting. At this point, the only two people with this ability were Jinx and Castellan himself.   CDA-1 was later followed by CDA-2, a Criminal Deterrent Android with the same original intention, although no personality engine so as to prevent another rogue AI.
Rebel Neutral
Date of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
The Ghost in the Machine was initially created by Virelios Castellan, before breaking from its programming and escaping.
Valland City, Valland
Aligned Organization


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