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WorldEmber 2023 Pledge

Fire fire burning bright
Long into the winter night

I only ever participated once in World Ember, back in 2019, but it left such a strong impression on me that it's remained the by far most memorable time here on World Anvil.   Free writing and running for word count goals felt right up my alley. I don't think I've ever not known what to write. I have such an unsurmountable ocean of notes for fledgling worldbuilding ideas - and I always end up writing double the amount I first intended to - so it'd be no problem getting words down. Finding the motivation, energy, and time to do it in a month was the actual challenge for me.   I decided to give it a go despite being weighted down by brain goblins and having a panicking reptile brain screaming at full blast... and it was good. It was fun. I'm not sure what happened, and it's so difficult to describe the lingering emotions, but I had such a better time taking part in the community than I had in other events. It was so... wholesome (yes, I like this word very much), such a warm community spirit, and everyone was so supporting to everyone regardless of <insert list of stereotypes>.   Taking part in Summer Camp 2023 after my come-back and getting to re-experience that exact feeling made July the highlight of my year. And made me also look forward even more to the next World Ember.  

Pledge Goal

In 2019 I was very, very close to reach the 50.000 milestone without much struggle or effort. It was just unlucky my personal spacetime continuum got warped and I ended up just about 500 words short. I thought I had a day more to write than I did.   Due to that, and the fact Summer Camp went so swimmingly compared to expectations, I almost immediately set my aims high for World Ember this year. 50.000 words, to be exact.   Recent events IRL have forced me to reevaluate, and dial it down significantly. Hopefully I've gotten over this shitty state I'm currently in by the time the event starts, but I'll leave it as a pleasant surprise for me and you if I find myself with more energy than I've budgeted for.   For one, I will be keeping the Competitor Mode off, and I also have concluded I'll be satisfied and happy if I can reach first milestone of 10.000 words.

Area of Focus

I plan to deal with a backlog of writing that I feel I should have gotten done a long time ago. They're all more or less finished planning-wise, and just need to be properly pieced together and written.  



  • #6 No Words Necessary
  • The Skethal Infestation


  • Desquamating Identity Disorder
  • Dread Throes


  • #37 Three Tail's Demands


  • Llucevian
  • Ljuuhovii
  • Sandaru
  • Therännan


  • Suszukoro Research Station
  • #21 Uushi Mining Station
  • Yggdrasil D-44 Shipwreck



  • #42 The Omniescent Void



  • Akreian
  • Andelin
  • Balike
  • Eörpan
  • Kolalu
  • Ktlac Ktlac
  • Lusoyan
  • Rejinat
  • Ultholl
  • Vulgoc
  • Hukhajya
  • Lejipolma
  • Muursamul
  • Piddes
  • Soomja
  • Taljakka
  • Tursatjek
  • Marrowblight
  • Agglamus
  • Sketh


  • #23 City of Hövnís


  • Common Currencies
  • Union Standard Dating System
  • Vsunutuhah Dating System


A mini-meta? *Starts sweating* I haven't even filled out the regular meta yet!   ... And I'm not sure I will do so in the future either as I feel it has a lot of overlap with some already existing articles I've cooked up such as the category, updated about page, and the shiny new primer plus content & updates roadmap.   It's also pretty difficult since my 'area of focus' in World Ember this year is more or less catching up: Writing articles for some core concepts, finishing all the related articles for the planet Biegjun, and check off some of the leftover SC23 prompts.

Category Structure

I already did this very recently but it hasn't been fully implemented yet due to time constraints.   Rosepetal's primary PoV is the in-universe library curated by the The Royal Atheneum of Hövnís for the general public, and I am working on filling out the category structure to support this. There will be introductory top-level categories that branch down into narrower categories and/or indexes. A finished example of an introductory category is Space Exploration.   Color palette theme shifts will be used to communicate if a specific page deviates from their PoV, such as the more uniform blue tones of my meta pages.

Winter Clubs

Many thanks to Rin Garnett for inviting us to his Cozy Cottage this winter. I'll be huddling in an armchair close to the fireplace, with a thick blanket and a cup of hot chocolate.  
Worldember 2023 - Cozy Cottage Enclave
Cozy Cottage Enclave badge by Rin Garnett
  1. I will stop to stoke the fire when it dwindles.
    No matter the task, rest when you are tired and for as long as you need to feel rejuvenated.
  2. I won't force the fire to fit a different stove.
    Your pledge is a goal, not a requirement. Your plans are inspiration, not a map.
  3. I will follow sparks of joy, not chase dying embers.
    Write and read what makes you happy, and don't force yourself forward if you're not having fun.
  4. My flame is beautiful and undying.
    Believe in yourself and your ability to create, including when it's a struggle.
  5. I will tend to all flames under my care.
    Working toward non-Worldember goals does not detract from your success, but adds to it.
  Also... Can I pet it?

The biggest draw for me with Summer Camp and World Ember is the community engagement. I will be joining the Comment Caroling for as much as I have energy for.  
This worldember I invite you to go Comment Caroling with me. The goal is to help cheer people on as they write. It's as easy as trying to leave a little comment when you like an article! It doesn't need to be fancy.   An important tenet among us comment carolers is to take care of yourself too! If you're not feeling like commenting, don't! This is for fun, and forcing it isn't fun.
A blue-colored tiger sitting, facing away.
by Charlie N.

Homepage Update

A blue-colored tiger lying down.
by Charlie N.
I updated my homepage not that long ago, but do think I should take another look at it.   Currently the homepage welcomes the reader with an in-universe greeting from the Royal Atheneum of Hövnís' Public Knowledge Repository (P.K.R) and a selection of theme and topic categories. But to make the homepage more first-time-visitor friendly, I'm rethinking this approach.   The most likely change will be to move the contents out of my Welcome to the Rosepetal category out and directly into the homepage, and create a hub for each of Rosepetal's voices. I'll have to see if I can manage to do this before World Ember starts, though.  

Sources of Inspiration


Fellow Anvilites

This keeps on being a super difficult choice: I follow 162 worlds to date and they are all an inspiration to me for different reasons. So I decided to showcase 3 worlds from my list I haven't showcased in my previous challenge entries.  

Astra Planeta

Astra Planeta
Generic article | Dec 13, 2023

An overview of Astra Planeta from a metacanonical perspective.

I've followed Astra Planeta since early 2019, and this hard sci-fi setting had a huge influence on my growing interest in speculative fiction worldbuilding. I was very glad when Doug Marshall announced coming back to work on it again.


Introduction to the world of Elaqitan - Part I
Generic article | Jan 21, 2024
Though I decided to go into sci-fi, I have my roots in the fantasy genre. Blue Fairy 74's Elaqitan is a stunning low-magic alternate history / fairy tale fantasy mix with incredible depth and detail that I feel I've still only bared scraped the surface of.


Welcome to Culinarypunk!
Generic article | Jan 31, 2024
It's difficult not to be inspired by Emily Armstrong's Culinarypunk just from how ingeniously and creatively unique it is. They've baked a delectably charming setting that's become my go to reading spot to cheer myself up on those cloudy days.


The Pit Dragon Chronicles

♦ by Jane Yolen ♦   I haven't read the pit dragon chronicles since late teenage, but still remember them as some of my favorite books thanks to their (to past me) fascinating mix of fantasy and sci fi.


♦ by Elizabeth Moon ♦   The single series in my entire life that I have read more than once. They're such a fantastic example of a grounded, low-magic fantasy setting and the attention to details and flow truly show how much research went into it writing them.

The Story of Your Life

♦ by Ted Chiang ♦   This is the novella that was adapted into the movie Arrival, and it's such a fascinating dive into the subject of free will and casuality; If you know what's going to happen, can you keep it from happening?


Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Not only is it a good game, but a fantastic story that incorporates the visual medium it's told through to the fullest, for a truly one-of-a-kind, unique experience. And if I ever could offer an example of how to portray mental illness the right way, this is it.

The Last of Us

This game gripped my interest for two reasons: first, it's a very gripping story, and second, their version of the zombie virus outbreak trope is among the most original and realistic I've seen.

Gods Will Be Watching

A point and click adventure game with a gripping narrative. Similar to The Story of Your Life it explores the subject of free will and casuality, and is an epitome of well-executed 'show don't tell' writing.

Any Last Minute Prep?

... Not really. :) I think I'm as prepared as I can be, and doing any more might be more harmful than helpful. I'll be spending the last week continuing on my category and article tidying. Plus there's a trove of pledges I've saved and would like to catch up commenting on. <3

Cover image: by WorldAnvil


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Nov 8, 2023 23:32 by Ephraïm Boateng

Good luck with your WorldEmber goal!

Nov 9, 2023 19:44 by Nimin N
Nov 9, 2023 03:00

Best of luck with WorldEmber! I love the section where you organized each article and its category.

Nov 9, 2023 19:45 by Nimin N

Thank you! It does show off my bias toward certain templates types though, hehe.

Nov 9, 2023 03:39

Good luck with squishing your stubs and finishing articles!

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Nov 9, 2023 19:58 by Nimin N
Nov 9, 2023 10:41 by Annie Stein

I commend you on choosing to leave competitor mode off and doing things your way. Revaluating a goal is a very mature choice to make, and one I hope to see people make more often.   Of course, I do you'll feel better soon, and that your Worldember will be excellent!

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Nov 10, 2023 10:31 by Nimin N

Thank you, I appreciate it. And yeah, I try to stay realistic with my goals vs time and energy. Clear targets helps my brain chill so I can focus on what's fun: writing and community interactions. :)

Nov 9, 2023 16:16

I wish you all the best and keep my fingers crossed that you achieve your goal. Lovely pledge and I look forward to each of your articles, no matter how many you can handle.

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Nov 10, 2023 10:31 by Nimin N

Thank you so much, I appreciate it!

Nov 9, 2023 20:20 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love all the different areas of focus you have to choose from. That should be a great list for when the inspiration dwindles. :D Good luck!

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Nov 10, 2023 10:36 by Nimin N

Thank you! I won't run out of inspiration anytime soon, rather have a bit too much so I got to prioritize. :D

Nov 11, 2023 03:21 by Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia

Wow! That's a LOT of articles to work on! I hope you find yourself delighted with some of them - and if you do produce something you are incredibly happy with, you can always turn it on after you finish it (HA! Are we ever finished with them? I have YET to turn the WIP toggle :-))

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Nov 12, 2023 12:58 by Nimin N

I tend to forget the WIP toggle exists, haha. xD I don't aim to finish all of them this WE, but picked a decent number from my even larger to-do list that I knew I'd probably enjoy writing. Going to let myself freely pick and choose from any of them and write as little and much about each as I feel like at the moment.

Nov 11, 2023 03:42

Have fun!

Kriltch, arcanities not included.
Nov 12, 2023 12:59 by Nimin N
Nov 11, 2023 16:27 by Mochi

It's so heartwarming to hear you have such great memories of WorldEmber. I am so excited to see more of Rosepetal <33

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Nov 11, 2023 19:46 by Myth Cross

Thank you for stopping by! I love the visuals of your post! It's nice and well laid out- I wish you the best of success this WorldEmber! : D


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Nov 12, 2023 13:02 by Nimin N

You're welcome, and thank you!

Nov 17, 2023 22:01

Looking forward to more of your awesome creations <3 The best of luck to you!

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Nov 18, 2023 21:39 by Nimin N

Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful World Ember too.

Nov 18, 2023 16:14 by Elspeth

I love the visuals of your world. Best of luck reaching your goal. You've got this! Have a great WorldEmber. :)

Nov 18, 2023 21:40 by Nimin N

Thank you, I appreciate it. And wish you a fantastic World Ember too!

Nov 21, 2023 01:05 by Chaewon Choi

Happy WorldEmber Prep,   I love how many ideas you already have for articles. It's so much fun to get a sneak peek into the brain of a creator and see just how many ideas someone has. I wish you good luck on your WorldEmber journey.

Thank You, Choi Chaewon.
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Nov 21, 2023 08:07 by Nimin N

Thank you! Good luck with WE too and hope you have fun. :)

Nov 22, 2023 05:00 by Emily Armstrong

Good luck with WorldEmber!! That list sounds awesome, I can't wait to read those as you fill them out. I had a little giggle when I saw Culinarypunk on your inspiration list because The Rosepetal has become the world I find myself coming to for inspiration the most lately! xD Absolutely love this world, such a cool setting and killer design in every article, really looking forward to your articles this WorldEmber! :D You got this!

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Nov 24, 2023 15:07 by Nimin N

Thank you, that really means a lot. <3 I hope you have an awesome time too!

Dec 1, 2023 15:11 by Rin Garnett

Using the WE hype to work through a backlog makes a lot of sense, looking forward to seeing some of these articles in my notifs real soon :)

Dec 2, 2023 23:18 by Nimin N

Thank you! <3 I came off for a bad start this weekend, but am hoping to get to typing in the coming week.