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18 November 3228

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Worldember 2023 - Cozy Cottage Enclave

Worldember 2023 - Cozy Cottage Enclave

The cozy cottage is a quiet place of respite, where we can listen to the crackling flames while wrapped in a blanket and sipping hot cocoa. To enter, you must take the oath:  

  1. I will stop to stoke the fire when it dwindles.
  2. No matter the task, rest when you are tired and for as long as you need to feel rejuvenated.  
  3. I won't force the fire to fit a different stove.
  4. Your pledge is a goal, not a requirement. Your plans are inspiration, not a map.  
  5. I will follow sparks of joy, not chase dying embers.
  6. Write and read what makes you happy, and don't force yourself forward if you're not having fun.  
  7. My flame is beautiful and undying.
  8. Believe in yourself and your ability to create, including when it's a struggle.  
  9. I will tend to all flames under my care.
  10. Working toward non-Worldember goals does not detract from your success, but adds to it.
  (Cozy Cottage oath is heavily inspired by the Camp Chill guidelines from Annie Stein. Insert this badge into your own pledge with [img:5035416], or include the oath with [imgblock:5035416].)

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