Climate & Geography

The general climate is warm temperate for much of the continent although some southern regions see heat brought from wind currents and some northern regions are colder from artic winds. The mountain ranges provide an excellent shelter and middle ground for the rest of the continent to enjoy a stable weather pattern with four distinct seasons.  


Nearly all large settlements are noticeably mixed in terms of the species that live there, through millennia of migrations and travel. Some smaller encampments may heavily or exclusively feature a dominat species.  

Governance & Law

There is no force in charge of the continent as a whole and each settlement is responsible for it's own laws and enforcements of those laws. There is a sort of common code of etiquette that is widely accepted but it's not official or legal in any way. Landmarks and other locations that fall under a certain domain are also the responsibility of the settlents close to it to maintain and service.  


You will usually find settlements around valuable resorces and these are traded between locations using some well established trading routes, however, these still present dangers so from time to time items can become very seasonal in availability. Each place has it's own version of currency although gold, silver and copper are widely interchangable, sometimes a trade may give you more value for money in certain locations.  


Most locations have varied cultures and religions and bring with them a host of rooms designed to accomodate everyone to the best of their ability. You'll commonly find rooms for prayer and rituals as well as celebrations throughout the year of the various cultures and thier holidays, ceremonies and festivals.
Parent Location


Estimated Area
128,700 sq. miles
Civilized Population
Population Breakdown
Human (50%)
Elf (13%)
Dwarf (9%)
Orc (4%)
Halfling (4%)
Gnome (3%)
Half-Species (2.5%)
Tiefling (2.5%)
Dragonborn (2.1%)
Genasi (1.8%)
Goliath (1.7%)
Goblin (1.6%)
Hobgoblin (1.2%)
Tabaxi (1.1%)
Bugbear (1%)
Firbolg (1%)
Aasimar (0.15%)
Kobold (0.1%)
Kenku (0.05%)
Triton (0.03%)
Aarakocra (0.03%)
Gith (0.03%)
Centaur (0.02%)
Minotaur (0.02%)
Tortle (0.02%)
Automaton (0.01%)
Fairy (0.01%)
Lizardfolk (0.01%)
Satyr (0.01%)
Other (0.01%)


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