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The Aardragoon Islands

The islands just off the southeastern coast of Rayas are lands under the control of many factions working together to maintain their vision of peace and order. They usually see temperate weather throughout the year and experience semi-frequent storms. Many patches of sea surrounding these islands are known be extremely rough and are usually avoided altogether.   A naturally forming stream of heavy fog, generated by warm air currents, runs in between the mainland and the islands and is usually there year round although it is possible to see the land on the other side a few times a year.   There are an unusually high volume of stories, myths and legends surrounding these islands. They have seen many ferrocious wars, battles and bloodshed, power has changed hands hundreds of times, records and history are incredibly fractured all contributing to this. Treasure hunters often set out from the mainland to come here in search of riches, blessings from the gods or even power only to find themselves at the bottom of the ocean sooner or later.


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