Custom Rules


Building upon the optional flanking rule, if a medium creature has 2 enemies forming a connecting line of sight through the creature, then the attacking creatures have advantage on attack rolls.   For each size above medium, one extra attacker is required to gain advantage. The additional attackers only have to have a connected line of sight to one other attacker and not all of them.

Expanded Critical Hits

The critical dice on a critical hit are always their maximum value. A critical hit can additionally:   Spark insprition - One ally within 60ft may use a reaction to make a melee attack, ranged attack with a thrown weapon or cast a cantrip.
Gain Advantage - Your next attack roll, ability check or save has advantage.

Bonus Action Potion

You may consume one potion as a bonus action if you have the capacity to cater for quick access (pocket, belt etc). It will take a full action to use a potion from your bag or backpack and a full action to replenish your quick access potion.

Alternate Inspiration

When the DM gives inspiration you can choose from the following effects:   Boosted Attack - Add an additional damage die to any roll of your choosing.
Perfect Ability - Use to get an automatic 20 on any dice roll (before rolling).
Action Surge - You may use an additional action on your turn but not to attack.
Overclock Spell - Roll a d20, on a 10 or lower then roll on the wild magic table, on an 11 or higher, add two extra damage die.

Spellcaster Exhaustion

A caster can attempt to cast spells when they have run out of slots however it takes a mental and physical toll on their body. Gain levels of exhaustion equal to the spell level of the spell cast.

Caster & Ranged Bonus Action

If you are playing a character with the ability to either cast spells or make ranged finesse weapon attacks and you dont use your action to cast a spell or make an attack respectively then you may use your bonus action to either cast a cantrip or throw a weapon with the finesse or thrown property.   Casters may also cast a spell with casting time of an action and another spell with casting time of bonus action on the same turn as opposed to the limits put in place by standard 5th edition rules.

Equipment Variations

The equipment you find in the world will be of varying qualities of craftsmanship. See this page for more information on the variations as well as some new additions.

Alternate Remove Curse

The remove curse spell will remove some generic curses on it's own, however, some curses are more advanced and may require a specific time of day, location, individual or ritual to be successful.

Divine Bargaining

A creature may, in a moment of desperation, attempt to call out to a divine entity for assistance. There is a slim chance that something will answer the call and If this is answered, there will likely be a price to pay either immediately or at a later date. Once this ability has been used it can't be attempted again until 7 days have passed.

Spell Scrolls

Building from the standard rules, you may use a spell scroll if it is on your class list with no issue. If it is on your class list but at a higher level, you can make a religion or arcana check (DC 10 + spell level) to try and cast successfully.   If you are a caster but the spell is not on your spell list then you can attempt the same check but a failure will result in rolling the scroll mishap table. Non casters make this check with disadvantage.   Items known as Power Scrolls are enchanted so that anybody can cast the spell tied to it without rolling a check.


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