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Indigo (2705)

A group of individuals working for The Umbra Collective in Lorkeep. Since their formation as a new group at the start of Eldah they have taken care of some trivial business for The Collector in and around Lorkeep before proving themselves rather useful.   They are next sent on a covert mission in the Barunian Lands to visit a small island looking for rare materials before being given the task of helping set up a secret base of operations in the Estero Domain at Sullenspire. After successfully getting things rolling, they enjoy some well-earned downtime in the Feywild before getting their new assignment.   The next chapter of the story sees them heading to The Aardragoon Islands to gather as many precious gemstones as they can, securing long-term contracts if possible. After a lot of exploring and looting the group manages to secure a large amount of gemstones for The Collector and make their way back to the mainland. The Collector thanks them and explains he needs to go away for a while, leaving Blair in command. She assigns the group along with many others to improve relationships with The Collective and the city of Lorkeep.

Game Schedule

September - 7th/21st/28th

October - 12th/19th/26th

November - 2nd/16th/23rd/30th

December - 7th/21st/28th


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