A bustling city on the southeast coast of Rayas, well known for its silver mines and seafood industry. It also serves as the capital for the Realm of the Keep for which this is the political center of influence. Lorkeep enjoys a moderate climate for most of the year.


Almost entirely surrounded by hilly terrain thick with forestry, opening up on the northern side and offering a long stretch of coast perfect for the large dock and fishing operations.   The structures and buildings throughout the city are primarily made of black basalt rock found locally around Mount Granis to the south. Interior supports and other smaller structures are made with a local dark wood giving a majorly dark aesthetic throughout the city, the unlit sections at night almost pitch black, though all walkways remain lit with orange flame all through the night. Sections of the city alongside the hills have many levels, stairs and narrow walkways while the northern areas enjoy a much more open and flat layout.


The city is surrounded by thick walls of dark stone, often intertwining with natural rock formations to form a complete barricade. There are gates at the edges of the city that remain open during the day and are closed at night. The dock area on the northern side is more open as it is often used both day and night although it is patrolled frequently by the city guard.


The Verndari are the city guard of Lorkeep, under the command of Maura Jocelle. They are tasked with protecting the city, its citizens, and its contents against any hostile force as well as preventing crime and upholding punishments for lawbreakers. Their formal attire is comprised of dark red clothing and a flexible, light metal armour with silver decorations.   From time to time their presence is seen throughout the Realm of the Keep, usually small patrols to check the borders and collect taxes.


Lorkeep has been ruled by an Oligarchy for the last 50 years.

The Tritonni

Headed by Maura Jocelle, Broque Canthorn and The Collector, the Tritonni is the name given to this group in control of the city. Additional members consist of advisors, senior guards and assistants that ensure the smooth running of the city. An open meeting is held in the city center at the end of every month where any complaints or gripes can be aired and a response from the government promised.


Founded in 1493 (2507 years ago), Lorkeep was a simple fishing village. The unique array of sea creatures able to be harvested here saw it steadily grow in size into the city it is today. For the majority of its existence, Lorkeep has been ruled by a council of equals, however, in recent centuries have seen several power shifts.

The Talmond Incident

In 3729, the council boarded The Talmond, an expensive new boat for long-distance travel and headed out towards Arroflux for a meeting of governments across Rayas. The Talmond and the two vessels travelling with them were caught in a freak storm, parts of the smaller vessels were discovered washed up on the shores but the Talmond was never seen again.   Several immediate family members or associates of the missing (presumed dead) councillors stepped in to their roles to run the city but none could find common ground and all had their own ideas on how to run the city their own way. A full on breakdown of communication lead to factions forming and fighting one another ultimately resulting in many casualties and the collapse of the government.

Farristow War

3731 saw the formation of the Verndari and an improvised rule under Lord Farristow, a strong and commanding hobgoblin who fought off several outside forces looking to take Lorkeep and their influence away from the southeast. These battles, primarily with the forces of the Barunian Lands went on for almost a decade with borders shifting to roughly where they now stand today.

Peace Time

After a long spate of fighting, from the year 3740 to 3950, Lorkeep remained independent and in control of the southeast, the Realm of the Keep was formed as it stands now and the Hobgoblin warriors that won the war, regarded as heroes and continuing to run and serve the town. A coalition is formed with a wealthy silver mining enterprise controlled by Elster Canthorn, helping the city grow and prosper, reinforcing their grasp of the region.

Current Rule - Tritonni

The coalition expanded in 3950 after some rocky politics looked to be weakening the political grip on some of the outer settlements, a wealthy and resourceful individual known as The Collector managed to smooth out these issues and set up a small presence in the city, going on to form the The Umbra Collective many years later in 3992.


Since its roots long ago, Lorkeep has maintained an impressive fishing industry, expanding across Korwin Cove to become one of the biggest suppliers of fresh fish in the surrounding lands. Day and night there are many boats along the coastline and much further out bringing in common sea life as well as more exotic fish from the warm waters.   There is a small amount of farming land on the outskirts of the city, however, supplies from several villages (mainly Tanjar and Varra) nearby plus supplies from the Omacon Islands are relied on to serve the entire population.   The large silver deposits were only discovered a few centuries ago and have brought a trading and population boost to the city since mining began.   The last few decades have seen a boom in the production of orange and purple dyes, both hard to obtain and therefore making a good profit. The purple dye is extracted from a type of spider found in the marshes and orange dye is made from a rare flower found deep in the Mox Woodland.


A strong following to the sea deity Skear can be found here as well as many temples and shrines both in the city and along the coastline.


Lorkeep features a vivid art scene and many collectors and dealers make their home here. Performances of all kinds are often taking place in the Skeggroar Theatre House near the green and the The Umbra Collective have a few open days a year to showcase the museum of The Collector. The Stained Talisman is known to host excellent musical performances from some of the most talented folk around.

The Crimson Tide

A fishing festival held at the end of the summer months to celebrate high numbers of Redscale fish and the profits they bring. It begins after the working day is done and extends long into the night with feasts featuring Redscale throughout the city and a variety of performances.
Parent Location
Small City
Estimated Population
Noteable Resources
Redscale Fish
Dyes (Orange + Purple)

Important Organizations

The Umbra Collective

Important Individuals

Akira Bowford
Points of Interest
City Center
Canthorn Silver Mines
Lorkeep Docks
Lorkeep Green


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