The Umbra Collective

An organization created and run by an eccentric and mysterious individual known as the collector.


The Umbra Collective has several initiatives they take on and can be hired for, including mercenary services, item retrieval, protection, and destruction of powerful items.   They also serve as one of the pillars of authority in Lorkeep, helping to maintain common law and order alongside the town guard and other forces.

Headquarters, Outposts & Buildings

There are a large cluster of buildings in Lorkeep on the southern edge of town by the gate serving as the base of operations for the collective. There's one main entrance directly opposite Lorkeep Green used by both agents and those wishing to hire the collective.   The Moonrise Academy sits across the green from the collective and serves as a sort of training service for would be agents and those looking to prove themselves.   Several outposts exist across Rayas to support the collective, their agents and their needs. These are usually small structures compared to the large nature of the headquarters and not always occupied consistently, many of these structures are rumored to exist but nobody knows how many there actually are.

Member Benefits

Agents of the collective enjoy a host of benefits including good pay, free lodgings and food within Lorkeep and general discounts with all merchants friendly to the collective, including some located within its walls.   The collective has created and maintains a teleportation circle as well as the expensive costs involved with running such magic. Its members can use it at a cost of 50gp per group plus an additional 5gp per user and others may seek to use it for a much higher price providing they have coordinates.

Other Information

The second floor of the collective is periodically open to guests to view some of the collector's collection for a small fee. These open days usually attract the curious creatures from all over the continent and even further afield.
Parent Location
Purple and orange ringed planet


The lowest rank in the collective
Those who have proved themselves in training
Highly skilled members of the collective
In charge of many teams of agents and day to day operations


Probationary agents are paid 5sp per day they work.

Agents are paid 28gp per month as a flat rate plus 1% on items recovered.

Senior agents are paid 38gp per month as a flat rate and 3% on items recovered.

Commanders are paid 50gp per month as a flat rate, 5% on items recovered and 1% of all items recovered by every team.



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