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Sessions 32 to 42 - 28th July to 10th November 2022

The centaurs, Orain and Rika are curious explorers and with the aid of the group decide to explore a large island off the coast. Taking boat passage and encountering all kinds of odd creatures they eventually make it to the island shores, where they set off into the unknown up a very much derelict mountain pass of elven design.   Many creatures are encountered, giant silk worms, hulking giants and dinosaurs as they traverse the broken bits of the path and eventually make it to the jungle on the other side. They run into Groth a scout of a sort of village of fey creatures here and his dino pet Korab, he takes them to meet the elders who are very interested in outsiders coming for the first time in centuries.   They ask if they can aid some of their best explorers Nineth and Ashis in retreiving lost treasure and supplies from the long ruined city several miles away and they agree, setting out to find treasures. They take down an array of strange creatures and find some interesting trinkets before encountering a dark elf who has made their lair here since the war times, this elf manages to use a portal to send the group to the shadowfell at un unknown location.   The group begin to explore the darkness and find a way home.

Session 31 - 21st July 2022

Travelling through the forest they encounter a deceased behir, while investigating a younger one attacks. After dispatching of it they venture into a cave a discover a hole with a much larger behir inside. Two centaurs arrive just in time to ferry them back to Nelisari, their destination. They meet connections of Stefe's and get brought up to speed with the operations here.

Session 29 and 30 - 23rd June to 7th July 2022

After arriving at the estate they meet the hosts and guests and take part in a murder mystery game, they quiz the staff and search the rooms and end up correctly guessing and winning the prize money. The Collector assigns them a new member, Monty the sneaky and they are left to their own devices for a few weeks. The plan is to head to the Feywild so they travel to Byrne Lake to find a portal, they do so in the lake and head through to the land of fey.

Session 28 - 13th June 2022

They deliver the goods to Chenna and run into The Collector who thanks them for their services here. He has one more task for them to do before some well earned time off comes their way. They are to attend a dinner party in an estate east of Elkdale.

Session 27 - 2nd June 2022

After some more exploring, blowing up doors and trips through the brain room they eventually discover the old king's bedchambers. The room has been eerily preserved and they have a rifle through the belongings taking some books and a magical crown among other things. They work out the crown is connected to the magical doors they have been encountering. They learn of the mind flayers attempts of attack and many experiments done by the dwarves on the mind flayers and associated creatures.

Session 26 - 26th May 2022

Ash manages to strike up a deal with Weston to get gunpowder to take care of the blocked areas in the ruins. Heading back up they start blasting open other doors and discover a creepy room filled with stained black glass containers and old metal equipment. They soon discover there are things inside that cause harm when too close, they decide to leave the room alone.

Session 25 - 12th May 2022

They discover a secret room with some supplies that survived in metal boxes, they also find a hidden shrine to the deity Skadi which triggers some memories for Kit. After this they head back to Chenna and bring all the loot for their museum.

Session 24 - 28th April 2022

Going inside, they find the remains of the treasure hunters and encounter odd smooth stones in the doorways of the structure. Ash uses some gunpowder to try and blast through one of the doors which breaks some stone around the doorways, leading to the conclusion the doors are magical in nature. Ash and Stefe visit Weston and he offers to source more gunpowder for them, Kit deciphers more of the spellbook he found and copies the shatter spell to this spellbook.   After returning, Ash blasts more of these doorways that lead to an old throne room with a massive cavernous hole in the floor that appears to have no bottom in sight.

Session 23 - 14th April 2022

The group go back to Sullenspire, and decide to explore the upper levels of the old fortress. Sunny uses a bestial spirit to get a rope to the upper levels which they then climb, all the way up to the highest platform they can access. They see a large room, ripped in half, seemingly by natural causes over the years and choose to examine the most northern side. There is a large crack in a stone door but no other ways in that they can see, examing the room beyond they recover a ripped leather bag with a journal inside. They learn from translating this journal that around 150 years ago a group of treasure hunters went in search of treasure here. The bag looks to have been set upon by umber hulks.

Session 22 - 4th April 2022

Leaving the lighthouse, they backtrack to Sullensire to regroup with Stefe before heading off to the village of Arislock looking to secure a lumber contract. They establish a deal with Kley Yates who runs a lumber workshop out of the village. After this, they do some beach exploring and avoid an encounter with sneaky merrow.

Session 21 - 30th March 2022

After the tavern escapades, they venture outside of town looking for workers and visit some farmhouses in the Mullin Flats spreading the word. They navigate the hoards of wild creatures well and reach the lighthouse on the southern coast where they meet the bugbear family that run the place. After hearing of their mining operation and pay opportunities they decide to lend a hand in the mines.

Session 20 - 24th March 2022

The group explore the town and ask around to see if they can find anyone interested in working for them. After finding a few interested parties they retire at the Resting Rocks tavern, Stefe experiments with channelling his new lycan energies and manages to transform into a bestial form, causing some physical and emotional damage to the tavern, staff and patrons before smoothing it over with some deception and gold.

Session 19 - 10th March 2022

They get a boat from Azaka that is heading to Elkdale from the contact given to them from Olunt. After paying the fee they set off, along the journey they witness a skycradle crash into the rocks just off the perimeter of the ship and some crew and party members help salvage the passengers and their belongings before completing their journey.   Once in Elkdale, Stefe takes the group to his family home where they rest up before heading towards Sullenspire along the coastal path. Scaling the thousand steps stairway they arrive on the base floor of the town which spirals upward in the rock on many levels connected with bridges and walkways. A dwarf approaches them and she directs them to a close by but dingy looking area of town out of the way of the main thoroughfare and an equally derelict looking building. They meet Chenna the taurine, a senior agent with the collective and are told of the collectors plans to establish a secret base of operations here. They are to help gather equipment, materials, workers and to assist in the cover story of opening a historical site in the town for the next few weeks or so.


A city on the southern coast of Rayas.


A small town in the most southern mountain of the Mullin Peaks.

Session 18 - 3rd Mar 2022

Going through the loot of the recently slain bandits, they pick off what they like and move on spending several on the road before reaching Llafras. They decide to have a little look around before retiring at the treehouse for the evening. The next day they visit Olunt the tiefling to collect their reward for helping them out last month. They travel south to the town of Azaka to enquire about hiring a boat to speed up their journey to Sullenspire.


A city in the south of Rayas surrounded by dense woodland.

Session 17 - 24th Feb 2022

After a few days of downtime, the group are summoned to the collective for a new mission. John Brunswick asks them to point out locations they might like to go to in the near future before sending them in the direction of the Mullin Peaks. The collector has a chat with Stefe about lycanthropy and Stefe informs the rest of the group about his curse. They hire a coach cab to take them to Llafras with Rorik (Dave) at the helm but not long out the gate are attacked by bandits, after the battle not going their way some try to flee but are ultimately slain. Kit takes the bandana off of one of them and claims it for themselves.

Session 16 - 17th Feb 2022

The party features more small talk and business deals, they realise Stefe is missing and investigate inside the grounds and outside, noticing some strange signs of mauled street cats and smashed crates. They search across the city but do not find him before deciding to get some rest. Stefe wakes up in the woods surrounded by blood and dead boars, with his equipment either missing or shredded and heads back to the city finding the others. Stefe meets with the collector about what happened last night and the collector may have a lead, he gets some new clothes and equipment.

Session 15 - 10th Feb 2022

They head into the collective to get their pay and receive a nice bonus for their magic item retrieval a few days prior. They have a meeting with the collector, who wants them to go on a trip in a few weeks but to also accompany him to a party this evening for trade reasons. Reaching the party, the group mingle and make small talk with other party-goers fulfilling the wishes of the collector who seems to be getting the deals he wanted. Stefe has to bail on his guest as he comes over rather unwell and goes off to the washrooms outback.

The Collector

Owner of The Umbra Collective and part of the Tritonni.

Session 14 - 26th Jan 2022

The bandits and structures are searched and looted, they head back to town for a rest. The following day they pay a fisherman to take them back to Lorkeep and they deposit the items they found with Blair, she lets them keep everything else they found. Sunny has dreams about a magical sickle and asks around and finds an enchanter (Livia) willing to have a go at crafting one. Ash makes contact with Grumbar the herbalist who offers some lotion to help fight sunlight as a fellow drow.

Session 13 - 20th Jan 2022

Making their way to the collective, they are given a new assignment. They are to retrieve stolen collective goods from a group sighted just outside Prismfort. They set off from the docks and reach the island shores just after dark, trekking up the path to town, and then down the other side to an abandoned set of structures in a 60ft ditch. Heading down and doing some digging they establish there are people sleeping inside the huts and evidence of much looting. They decide to entangle some of them while waiting for the others to emerge, a few are killed in the battle and 2 individuals flee from a back exit who they manage to track down and kill.


A small sized town in the old ruins of a castle.

Session 12 - 13th Jan 2022

The young roc flies into the darkness, blindly attacking, leading to the spell being dropped as a fight ensues. They deal with the bird and find a large cluster of Korsk trees near an orc encampment which they avoid before making their way to the beach to get picked up at nightfall. The boat arrives and the journey back is mostly uneventful, they arrive back in Lorkeep with an hour or so of daylight left. Taking care of a few bits they hand in their assignment before resting up at the Lobster where they receive a message to come back in for a new assignment.

Session 11 - 30th Dec 2021

Continuing south they mark out some more clusters of trees before reaching the coast. They call in to be picked up and arrange a zig zag route through the woods to coincide with their boat arrival and begin exploring more of the forest. Ash discovers an old box with some blood runes inside, used in a magic not often practised but for hags and crones. After mapping out more trees they enter a clearing for the first time in a while as the sounds of shrieking fill the air, a large bird begins its dive down towards them and Stefe casts darkness right as the bird gets in range!

Session 10 - 23rd Dec 2021

Deciding to go through the woods they head south and begin to seek out the Korsk trees they are looking for, eventually finding their first group. Shortly after they run into some of the wild orc tribe and take a few out before venturing on to discover another cluster of trees. Stefe gets bitten by a mysterious and large black beetle that leaves a nasty mark on their skin.

Session 09 - 16th Dec 2021

They are given a new mission to go to an island east of Ostburn and try and locate and map growths of a specific tree. They have all the information and travel timed to arrive in the dead of night as to not be seen. The island is out of their usual zone of operation and part of the Barunian Lands. After a relatively smooth journey they arrive on the island and make camp among the critters and wildlife. After a nights rest, they venture toward the center of the island and climb a small part of the mountainside to get a better look.

The Tarosa islands

Two small islands off the coast of Ostburn.

Session 08 - 9th Dec 2021

Deciding to question everyone some more, they split their time up finding more about all three shrine workers. After discovering nothing of further interest or suspicion they head back to the collective to report their findings. They are granted a day of downtime before being summoned back to the collective to review their assignment.


The group advance to level 4

Session 07 - 25th Nov 2021

There is some further investigation of the whole shrine operation and some interaction with Keef, as well as some more with Elkins and Macura. A plan is hatched to trail Elkins on her adventures outside the city walls to see if they can learn something.

Session 06 - 18th Nov 2021

The group investigate their target, learning of the shrines to Skear in the city and the team behind their upkeep and daily operation. After gathering some info for the collective they present their findings, getting a clue to dig a little deeper into the other workers. They have a long rest at The Eloquent Lobster.

Session 05 - 11th Nov 2021

They travel back to Lorkeep and have a debrief session with a senior agent where they recount the details surrounding the baron and his workers. A few days of downtime for the group before their next assignment, Sol steals a few high value items from a wealthy house in the city (large diamond, medallion of thoughts and scroll of lightning bolt). Their new assignment sees them given a random member of the city to stalk, find out information on and report their findings back to the collective.


Senior agent with the collective

Session 04 - 4th Nov 2021

Heading back to the collective, they choose the path back to Lorkeep they took to get here. They meet some other members of the collective that were sent out to hunt the leucrotta and later encounter some themselves. They reach the Hall of the Fallen just after dark and notice some kind of ritual going on, the place is lit by green flame and surrounded by priests. A human family accompanied by a green-skinned tiefling are leaving the site, the little girl looking shifty, has stolen a book from a tomb. The party intervene and the tiefling is alerted, sprinting back to the tomb to put it back as skeletal guards come to life and begin advancing on all inside and around the tomb. The book is returned, the skeletons taken care of and order restored, a long rest is had.

The Emerald Ward

The priests performing rituals at the Hall of the Fallen were from an order in Ostburn.


The green-skinned tiefling, serving as personal security for the Macalach family. They are wealthy lumber traders from Llafras and owe the group a favour.

Session 03 - 21st Oct 2021

After staying the night in Penrow, the group meet with Blair and Brunswick to discuss the mission plan. Baron Hogarth is coming in, the party is to hide just off the trail while the senior agents attempt to deal with him.   The baron arrives and Blair manages to bribe him to go back home/mine elsewhere, he demands some time alone to rest in his carriage while his would be workers mill around before heading back towards Pincerroth. The party move on slightly closer to the village just in case the baron doesn't keep his word, a few of the barons workers venture into the hills.   An hour or so later after some downtime by the roadside they hear a scream as one of the workers returns to the trail informing the party that they found a cave and went exploring only to be attacked and his friend get eaten. They set off to investigate and discover a mound of newly dug out/caved in dirt leading to a sealed-off cave, connected to an old tomb. Investigating the tomb they discover a Sarcophagous Slime is behind they attack mand with the help of the senior agents they defeat it, sealing the tomb back up.   After all this they go to check on the baron, nobody is around, the horses restless. After a knock on the door and no answer, they open the door to discover the baron slumped in the corner, a dagger in his chest, blood everywhere. After reporting this to the collective, they are advised to get rid of any trace they were there and to get back to the collective as soon as they can.


A farming village on the road between Lorkeep and Llafras.

Session 02 - 14th Oct 2021

The group set off after their encounter and make camp at the Hall of the Fallen, they learn about its use as a burial ground for many species and religions. The next day they encounter a Leucrotta and another Gnoll, Blair asks another group to be sent out to investigate further, they press on and make camp again before travelling the next day to Penrow.

Hall of the Fallen

A place where many dead are buried from the surrounding lands and sometimes further away.


A demonic beast the size of an elk, possibly from the same family as the Gnoll.

Session 01 - 7th Oct 2021

The players head to the collective at sunrise to embark on a new mission with a new group. They are tasked with heading to Penrow accompanying two senior agents, Blair and Brunswick. They travel via the south gate for a day and camp for the night, the next day they set off and encounter a group of gnolls which they take care of.


Senior agent with The Umbra Collective


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