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Midnight (3037)

A group of individuals working for The Umbra Collective in Lorkeep. Since their formation as a new group at the start of Eldah they have taken care of some trivial business for The Collector in and around Lorkeep before proving themselves rather useful.   They are next sent on a scouting mission in the southern mountains to seek out a rare form of Iron known as Blood Iron, before being given the task of helping set up a secret base of operations in the Kingdom of Elmira at Zorani. After successfully getting things rolling, they enjoy some well-earned downtime in the Burning Sands before getting their new assignment.   The next chapter of the story sees them heading to The Aardragoon Islands to gather as many precious gemstones as they can, securing long-term contracts if possible. After a lot of exploring they found themselves making a deal with an entity of chaos (Savaran) to avoid permanent imprisonment, once they have helped them secure certain items they will be free to go.  

Game Schedule

September - 13th/20th

October - 4th/11th/25th

November - 1st/15th/22nd

December - 6th/13th/27th


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