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Sessions 30 to 40 - 10th Aug to 9th Nov

Moving on from Llafras they make their way south to the hot springs where they meet a couple of travelers looking for an escort through the desert. Accepting the job they take on the task, staying at camps along the way and chatting with fellow travelers and locals. They are approached by a couple of tabaxi who say they can show them the sparkling shores and they have a camp close by so they travel there for the night and begin their rest.   During the night Trick is charmed by the tabaxi and led away, the others figure out something is up and they go looking for trick, following his tracks among others to a secret illusory entrance to an oasis. They discover the lair of a Lamia and rescue trick and countless others who had been trapped here for years as slaves.   They go back around to the collective and Kyszar makes his leave to attend to family matters. Aelias joins the group and they are given a new mission to meet a contact at Lost Landing. When they arrive, their contact Rivaan has been killed and they stumble upon and eerie set of abandoned villages and dark blood ritual magic. A wraith attacks and they secure its remains to hopefully prevent further incidents. A wandering giant comes to seek them out but they manage to evade it, finding their contacts boat ashore and another long abandoned village. There are giant bat like creatures on this island and frequent storms but they take shelter and plan their next moves.

Session 29 - 27th July 2022

After hanging around a little they are ready for the festivities, Kyszar picks up a date with the druid Meira. While everything is going on Meira is tipped off about suspicious activity and wants to investigate with the party jumping in to help. They track down a mysterious acidic substance and discover a break in has occured. Following the clues and expertly sneaking around, they chase and with the help of the guard and a giant wolf, apprehend the suspects. They are rewarded for their efforts and enjoy the rest of the festival.

Session 28 - 20th July 2022

Venturing a little further in they encounter some sort of hologram that keeps asking why they are here, as footsteps approach they decide to make a run for it and leave the castle the way they came, narrowly avoiding capture. After resting the night they all leave with the collector and go to Niaroco a peaceful farming town surrounded by vineyards and orchards. They decide to head east to Llafras to experience the moon festival.

Session 27 - 6th July 2022

The Collector shows up and thanks them for their services and asks to accompany him on a brief mission before having some time off. He sneaks them out and they travel to Muldwich to rest for the night before heading to Niaroco further south. Kyszar and Ophelia opt to go explore the spooky castle and successfully scale the wall and break in through the roof.

Session 23, 24, 25 and 26 - 25th May to 29th June 2022

A few more individuals are recruited to the mining operation and some contracts for materials sourced from nearby villages. Kyszar and Ophelia stage an operation with a gang of dwarves to set up explosives in the hobgoblins tower, ultimatley destroying it and casuing a scene in town. They go looking for some of the workers who have been going off for long periods and often nowhere to be found. They encounter some basilisks in the tunnel networks beneath the hat shop and battle them, restoring friends turned to stone in the process.

Session 22 - 18th May 2022

Kyszar and Ophelia work the mines while Glorp, Tale and Trick do some investigating, delivering a letter to Caleb's residence via one of his personal guard. Carris is updated of their plans and situation.

Session 21 - 11th May 2022

Ophelia and Kyszar make some in roads with the hobgoblins that run the mines (Dak and Yartz) and get themselves jobs as miners. Glorp does some talking and finds out more information about Caleb the owner of the mines and friend of Kaja the ruler of Zorani.

Session 20 - 27th April 2022

Getting closer to the gate, they encounter a fiendish looking orc creature (tanarukk) ripping apart meazels and eating them, they engage the creature and do battle as a pack of hell hounds rip through and begin taking on the tanarukk and the players. After all that is dealt with they retreat away from the gate and make the journey to Zorani along the main trade routes. They meet with Carris at her very new hat business and learn of the plan to use this as a front for a secret base for the collective.   Faced with an array of needs to fulfil they see if they can get more workers to mine out rock but meet some resistance from well-dressed locals. They do manage to entice a couple of amateur treasure hunters to work mining out some tunnels.

Session 19 - 13th April 2022

Moving on from the orcs, they get much closer to the gate, encountering strange creatures known as meazels which they then take care of. They see more of the layout of the landmark, concentric stone circles filled with odd shaped and broken obelisks covered in nature and an odd slime.

Session 18 - 6th April 2022

They head out towards Gronn Gate, largely avoiding conflict by taking a patrolled path, eventually meeting with a group of orcs manning the paths end. They let them stay the night at their encampment.

Session 17 - 23rd March 2022

Analysing the trails from Barandor into the woods, they choose to make their own path setting off westward through the trees. After a few hours they encounter some cows on the outskirts of farmland and leave a very confused farmhand and traumatised cows in their wake as they press on. They encounter a series of trees with runic warnings on them, pooling their resources and memories they establish this is protected forest land maintained and watched over by a group of druids The Banjara.   Coming across a strange burial mound and a curiously still panther the next day they decide to leave it alone and press on. Eventually they leave the protected forest and make contact with the Gronn Guard, a force dedicated to protecting the road from Doog to Torkwin from monstrosities emerging from Gronn Gate. They reach Kordell and stay the night, making the captain they met aware of their plans to go and see the gate.

Session 16 - 16th March 2022

Preparing to leave Tanjar for Kenton, they are approached by a merchant and offered some anti fungul oil which they purchase several of, to ward off any beasts or other strange fungus ridden things. They encounter a group that were attacked by large wolves and have some mould on them which they promtly get rid of with the oil, sure enough a bit later they encounter a pack of wolves and an almost deadly fight ensues. Defeating the wolves, they press on to Kenton and then Barandor where they plan to take a shortcut through the woods.

Session 15 - 2nd Mar 2022

Travelling back to the collective they decide to hand in everything they found, apart from a few bottles. They are allowed to keep everything that isn't coins for their troubles and are to meet with the collector while he is in the city. After a round of introductions and chit chat, they set off on their new assignment to meet with Carris Greeves in the town of Zorani and stay in Tanjar after the first day of travel.

The Collector

Owner of The Umbra Collective and part of the Tritonni.

Session 14 - 23rd Feb 2022

The group make their way back to Lorkeep where they report their findings, get paid and are assigned another mission. They are to head to Prismfort and find a secret cache of treasure and items just outside of town. Akira arranges a boat for them and thy arrive at their destination at night, staying at the inn for the night they set off the next day and encounter a group of ghouls feasting on corpses which they take out. Hunting around the damaged structures they discover a hidden stash behind a bookcase and return to town. They meet somebody there who has a package to deliver to the collective and discuss their plans to leave later that night.


A small sized town in the old ruins of a castle.

Akira Bowford

Harbourmaster in Lorkeep

Session 13 - 9th Feb 2022

They win their fight with the troglodytes and decide to backtrack the way they came, using ropes and transformations to assist the harder parts of the ascents. Leaving the cave they send a message to the collective about the iron, head a few hours towards town and make camp for the night. The next day they reach Pincerroth around lunch time and begin a couple of days of downtime, exploring the town and its residents for any aid in their activities.

Session 12 - 2nd Feb 2022

A group of stirges come towards the group and attack, those on the ledge above descend into the hole to help their friends. After getting rid of the stirges they move deeper underground and discover the corpses of some troglodytes and tracks leading potentially to more of them. They spot another passage across the cave, make their way there and follow it even deeper in, discovering a set of descending steppes with running water flowing down them. Following this descending, winding, wet trail they find several clusters of the blood iron they are looking for and reaching the nd they discover a vast underground lake 150ft below them. They sense troglodytes approaching and decide to fight them.

Session 11 - 19th Jan 2022

Each finding their own place to stay in the village, they then proceed to set off for Pincerroth the next day. There is a bandit group waiting for them on the path but they see them off after dealing some heavy blows. They pay for stabling for their horses and wagon for three days and head out towards the mountains in search of blood iron. After finding a small crevice big enough to explore they head inside, the ground however seems to shift under Glorp's weight and Trick, Tale and Glorp end up 50ft below the others in a cave network under them. As the dust settles, the sounds of shrill whining fill the air as something gets closer to them.


A medium sized town with ample resources for agriculture and mining.

Session 10 - 12th Jan 2022

The group are given some downtime before being called in for a new assignment. They are to explore mountainous regions in the southeast to look for deposits of a rare form of iron, Blood Iron. They are given info about where it has been found in the past as well as a small sample and set off to make preparations. They buy a couple of horses with a discount and find a reinforced wagon to transport Glorp and his heavy shell alongside them.   Setting off on their journey, they head to the Hall of the Fallen before turning south, arriving at the village of Ardenwall just before sundown.


A village of approximately 150, mainly set up for farming and textiles.

Horses & Cart

They buy 2x horses and a reinforced wagon.

Session 09 - 5th Jan 2022

Heading back to the collective from the market they spend the rest of the day brewing all kinds of things with the weeds and the effects they have when mixed with various fruits and herbs. After another rest at the Inn, they stage a scene just outside the city center where Glorp pretends to be suffering ill effects of one of Grumbar's potions. Grumbar is lured out of the shop by Kyszar while Ophelia and Trick break into the shop and investigate, taking a few potions, pages of the sales ledger and a copy of some of a mysterious second ledger. They report all this to the collective and effectively finish their mission with somebody else planning to look deeper into their findings.

Level Up

They reached level 4

Session 08 - 22nd Dec 2021

The group report back to Grumbar on their findings and are given a new string of potions to test out and make notes on. They have some downtime and a few chats to learn more about one another before going back to the Lobster for a rest. The next day they venture out into the market to buy various goods for potion testing.

Session 07 - 08 Dec 2021

Grumbar talks about his work trying to create a range of mood altering potions and gives them some to test on people to see how effective they are. Trick tries one that has a calming effect, Tale one that causes joy and agreeableness and Glorp one that puts you in a heavily meditated state of sleep. Each had its own side effects and strange qualities. Ophelia and Kyszar head back to see Grumbar while the others remain in the Talisman.

Session 06 - 01 Dec 2021

After spending some time in the Talisman and getting to know some of the staff better, they follow their lead to Grumbar the herbalist and have some interaction. They arrange to go back at night with Kyszar and Ophelia meeting with Grumbar and the others hanging out around the back streets.

Grumbar Argith

A herbalist with a small shop near the eastern gate of Lorkeep.

Session 05 - 17th Nov 2021

The group have two days of downtime, choosing to research shapechangers and methods of disguise as well as train for their own endeavours. They meet John Brunswick who gives them their next assignment, to track down and investigate a random member of the city and report any interesting findings upon their return. They head to the Stained Talisman to try and find a lead, being directed to the east gate area.

John Brunswick

A senior agent with the collective

Session 04 - 10th Nov 2021

Leaving Penrow, the group travel the path to Lorkeep and encounter two Leucrotta which they take care of. Upon arriving at the Hall of the Fallen they stay the night and in the morning are greeted by fellow members of the collective who seem to be hunting th Leucrotta, they provide helpful info to them and continue on to the city. As they travel along they run into Eka who wants to travel back with them, however, something seems off. She asks to see the items from the umbra kit and for their code and after not giving in she vanishes and tracks lead into the woods, a brief chase happens but she is not found. They go back to Lorkeep and the collective and meet with the real Eka and discuss what to do.

Hall of the Fallen

A place where many dead are buried from the surrounding lands and sometimes further away.


A demonic beast the size of an elk, possibly from the same family as the Gnoll.

Session 03 - 27th Oct 2021

While Murdoc and Eka cast their spells to seal the gate, darkmantles attack the players. They are eventually defeated after a few close calls, the gate and entrances sealed with magical and non magical means and the senior agents parting ways with the group. They head down the other side of the Mountain to Penrow and get some food and drink.


A large farming village in between Lorkeep and Llafras.

Session 02 - 20th Oct 2021

The boat journey is fast and they approach Togan Crossing the following morning, heading into town and gathering supplies for the journey ahead. The group press on to the river and wait for nightfall before journeying through Burning Sands.
Forking off towards the Rahas Mine, they enter the abandoned structure and take several old mining paths to reach a mountain trail with a gentle ascent for several hours. They cross over via another trail to the neighbouring peak, make another incline along a winding trail before making a long climb to a plateau halfway up the mountain.
Smashing through an old barricade they find a demonic chamber, a secret passage leads them to another chamber below and Murdoc and Eka begin spells to seal an ancient gateway while the party watches the other cave tunnels for dangers.

Demon Point

Houses a demonic portal used long ago to bring chaos and terror to the surrounding areas.

Session 01 - 6th Oct 2021

The players head to the collective at sunrise to embark on a new mission with a new group. They meet with two senior agents and plan to go on a trip to Demon Point. They all introduce themselves to one another and leave for the adventure. They head to the Onyx Vault and stay the night, through the marshes the next day to Djornn and then board a night boat towards Togan Crossing.


Senior agent with The Umbra Collective

Onyx Vault

Magic item disposal area for The Umbra Collective


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