Situated in a pocket of light woodland, the city of Llafras sits between the Zoranill Mountains and the Vladrians.


Most of the structures in the city are comprised of wood treated with a flame resistant substance that also acts as a strengthening agent. There are several different sections of the city known as districts, each with their own set of walls and defences, usually marked by a slight change in elevation or incline. The districts are all connected by gates and walkways with all the outer walls much thicker, taller and generally more imposing.   There are several lumber camps around the outskirts of the city, mostly on the southwestern side and quite close by. A little further out on all sides of the city are numerous farms including specialised farming operations for creating Llafrasian silk. These locations usually all feature their own defecnces such as walls and trenches to remain secure.


The city guard patrol the aforementioned walls, and these walls contain numerous towers with manned ranged weaponry. The outer walls themselves are covered in sharp spikes for an excellent defence against any wildlife or creatures in the surrounding woods.   The city is protected by some magical enchantments although exactly what they are is not public knowledge. A group of well practised mages help protect the city.


Llafras is ruled by a council, elected by the people to serve the people. Every long term resident of the city is eligable to vote and elections are held every five years. The council chambers along with most of the other administrative buildings are located on the highest points in central district in the city center.



Llafras was founded in 2732 and began as a small farming village, chosen for the abundance of suitable land, lumber availabilty and plentiful wildlife in the area.


After the turn of the new milennium, the village expereinced a significant growth spurt and in 3004 the village declared itself a township. Attracting more and more familes to move there to find stable, better paying work on the farms or lumber camps.

City Status

The booming silk industry catapulted the settlement into a bustling city by the year 3663, the rapid expansion lead to many additional areas being built and later connected. These areas came to be known as the districts seen today although some of their purposes have shifted since then.


3751 saw several factions in the city attempt to make grabs for power and throw their weight around, leading to several years of small scale fighting and conficts. These entities caused trouble from time to time over the coming years until in 3872 a large brawl led to a considerable part of the city to burn to the ground due to a series of unfortunate events and circumstances. The city began to be rebuilt with flame resistant materials.


The first council was established in 3875 after the damage to the city was repaired. The decision to elect new leaders every five years helped cement their creation and foundation.

Current Council

The newest council has only recently been formed this year and is the 25th council since this type of rule began.


Llafras has connections to four main trade routes and this puts it in a perfect location for trade and exporting their products far and wide.   The lumber operations in and around the Jakasr Thicket are fully sustainable and the quality of the wood is incredibly strong and durable making it highly desirable for construction. This is the cities largest export and a means for generating a solid income.   Silk is not able to be grown in many locations but the perfct climate exists here to harvest large quantities. Specially crafted racks exist to house the enormous quantity of silk worms and many varities exist to produce silk of varying qualities and properties.   There are small depositis of both lead and limestone around the city borders but these are much smaller operations and the quantities low. The limestone is used locally to help build and solidify roads and lead remains a favoured material of mages and tinkerers however some of these are traded is there is ever an excess.


Moon Festival

Every night of the full moon, a festival is held dedicated to the lunar entities. The event is kicked off with a mass prayer at a centralised location along with several offerings made by the city folk. Special mooncakes and several strong alcholic drinks are prepared throughout the city and shared with all residents and travellers alike, large outdoor gatherings usually take place and the events last well into the early hours of the next morning.
Parent Location
Large City
Estimated Population
Council Members
Malyn Giroir
Garono Spaeth
Eldermar Valo
Noteable Resorces


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