Deadstar Beaches

General Description

The Deadstar Beaches is the name given to a collection of sandy banks along the shore of one of the isles of Aardragoon. Every now and then, freak tidal activity sees the beaches covered in starfish which perish, unable to return to the sea.


The earliest records of this phenomenon occurring date back just over 1500 years when it is mentioned in a fisherman's diary. Numerous books and scripts on folklore and legend mention the strange event as well and much more recently a small team based on the islands is researching, hoping to crack the mystery.


An additional peculiar thing is that around 1 in 100 of these starfish are heavily mutated and now referred to as Otak Starfish. They have been found to have parasitic tendencies, taking over the minds and bodies of other creatures, and are also being studied further.
Parent Location
The Aardragoon Islands


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