Naru is a planet comprised mostly of ocean, although it does host several landmassess of various sizes. The largest of these lands form the continents of Ethea, Rayas and Keemu where most sentient life exists. The poles of the planet are frozen wastleands, most life forms exist much closer to or on the equator line.

Celestial Bodies & Time

Naru orbits a star (the sun) and three moons (Galori, Karako and Xodan) orbit Naru.


This is the 'main' moon that most see in the night sky and the moon used to track months in the calendar, this moon is also deeply tied to coastal tides, fey magic and other strong magical elements. It is silvery-white in colour and reflects a similar shade of light from the sun at night time.


A smaller moon than Galori, Karoko's orbit sees it visible every few months for around 3-4 days. At night when it is in view, it shines a pale green light that can be best seen when light from Galori is not overshadowing it. Its appearance does not seem to directly coincide with any natural or magical phenomena.


A much larger moon than Galori and Karoko combined, Xodan is visible only once or twice a year, usually making its appearance at the end of summer and the end of winter. Xodan has a yellow/copper hue and usually doesn't affect the light on Naru's surface very much, this is only different when the other moons align and an eclipse occurs causing Xodan to glow a deep red known as a blood moon. Many curses, omens and legends reference the blood moon however it does not seem to be tied to any natural or magical events much like Karoko.
A day is depicted by the positioning of the sun and broken down into chunks, a day has 12 hours and a night has 12 hours which are further broken down into minutes (60 per hour) and seconds (60 per minute). These days are grouped together in larger units based on ease of counting as well as certain weather patterns and seasons. A group of 7 days form a week, a group of 4 weeks form a month (28 days) which coincide with the orbit of the moon Galori and 10 months fill a year (280 days). Unknown magical energy seems to reinforce these timings and their mathematical structures at a core level.

Seasons and Months

The months are named after groups of ancient deities, found recorded in ancient literature. They may differ between locations and dialects but these names refer to them in a common tongue. The year begins with a season of spring, including the months of Arai and Eldah. Summer follows with Tairon, Fores then Melor. Autumn brings Rall and Oban. Finally, Winter comprises of Toloor, Nattis and Tharr.


Magical energy and essence runs deep beneath the planet's surface and a sprawling underground filled with creatures and volatile magic known as the Underdark exists and covers an unknown and unimaginable distance. This energy permeates through the atmosphere on the surface and can be felt and manipulated by some to cause an uncountable variety of magical effects.   Several magical events over the last few centuries have drained some of the planets natural energy and as a result, it is becoming increasingly uncommon for inherited magical features to be passed down as strongly as before and in many cases not at all.   A strong magical shield encases the material plane, fueled by energy long ago syphoned from the Feywilds. Deities exist outside of the material plane and are restricted on how far they can direct their influence into it.   Currently, around 10% of people on Naru are estimated to have the capacity and ability to practice some form of magic, although the number of actual magic users is estimated to be around 5% of the population or around 30,890 people. Most of these magic users are only able to utilise entry-level cantrips and spells with those able to cast higher-level magic becoming increasingly rare. There is no easy test to see if an individual is capable of practising magic, many spend years trying only to find they may not possess the ability at all.

Types of Magic

Magic can be broadly split into two main categories, arcane and divine. The users of magic in these areas are often broken down into broad 'classes'.


The act of manipulating magical energy with words, substances, gestures and foci to create specific and fairly consistent magical effects is known as arcane magic. This practice is learned and is usually incredibly tough to even make the smallest change, let alone powerful spells. Years and sometimes decades can be spent trying to master magic and even then only some are able to command it. The most destructive and powerful magic can be practised in this way.   Wizards and bards gain access to magic through serious studying, wizards more through books and instruction and bards using the natural influence of music to help guide them. Sorcerers sometimes have to study, but often have a distant innate magical connection from an ancestor or ties to other worlds to help them practice magic. Warlocks make pacts with beings of great power to be able to manipulate and use magical energy in this way, this is the only type of magic to be able to be gifted to anyone regardless of ability and also to be taken away whenever the pact giver decides it.


This magic comes from other places, such as otherwordly deities, nature or spirits, sometimes directly or sometimes as more of a guide. It usually incorporates more healing and protective magic although it does still offer some powerful offensive options.   Clerics and Paladins are granted their powers from deities and gods, clerics for serving them and paladins for fighting in their name. Druids and rangers take their magic from nature and spirits, although druids are much more connected to these powers than rangers who merely use it as a guide.

The Crossing

It has recently been discovered (approx year 3975) that prior to 4000 years ago this planet was largely devoid of humans and many humanoid races and the ancestors of all those here today were brought here through a series of powerful magical rituals. These rituals wiped all but a handful of individuals memories and through a series of events still being pieced together that information ended up lost until a well-preserved stack of diary-style entries were found in the Al'Tea Ruins on Ethea. This event is referred to as 'the crossing' and a few historians still seek the answers of the past.




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