Climate & Geography

This continent has a temperate climate in general, the east is considerably warmer than the west however with the Skellakrow Badlands reaching scorching temperatures in certain parts of the year. The Hosk Mountains usually have some of the lowest temperatures but even still it's usually mild. The other side of the Zeleno Mountains is the continent of Keemu which is part of the same landmass. There are three islands off the southern coast, two to the west and one towards the east.  


The various settlements are notably separated by race as a by-product of earlier wartimes, great race wars once divided Ethea but the last five centuries have seen a relative peace. Civilizations are a lot more mixed and that trend appears to continues moving forward in time, some prejudice from wartimes still exists in some places and it can be a sensitive subject.  

Governance & Law

For the last 400 years, Raux has held a position of power in Ethea. With the largest number of inhabitants and man-power the Council Of Raux and the Black Guard make sure the laws are upheld and wrongdoing punished. There are a set of laws written and enforced by the council, technically they apply to all locations but most of the time they are only enforced in the human settlements. Many other locations have their own power structures, rules and laws they abide by and sometimes there are clashes of authority.  


Each settlement is usually located near a resource that provides trade value and income with farming, mining and crafting the primary forms of income. The main source of income for the capital comes from the expansive gold and platinum deposits beneath the city from where The Bank of Raux produces much of the currency used on the continent.  


There are many different species making a home for themselves on Ethea and with these cultures come a variety of religions, beliefs and architecture that make it the diverse place it is. Some landmarks have been long preserved and restored to attract tourism and some have been long left behind in ruins or overrun by natural disasters.


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