Perched in the highlands of the Spyre Mountains, Dracton sits tucked away from the rest of the continent. It serves as the hub for the region known as the Dractonian Empire and continues be a powerful and wealthy force.


The city lies on the highest, flattest point of the Spyre Basin, looming over everything else below. The track leading up the city gates is winding and full of staggered, walled sections of land providing several rest stops for travellers and merchants along the way. The structures in Dracton are almost entirely made from stone from the surrounding mountains, a majority of this being various types of quartz giving a very light overall appearance. There are a few wooden structures scattered around and wood is mostly used for trade goods and objects, being in such short supply.   The highest point of the city, at the very back against the mountains, is the Golden Fortress. An enormous monument to the Falixto family, made of white stone heavily decorated with golden designs and accents.


The stone wall maze leading up to the city is the first line of defence with steep drops into jagged rocks on all sides with numerous watchtowers and defences all the way up. The city itself has another layer of thick stone walls with one centralised and fortified gatehouse as the only way in and out of the city.   The surrounding mountains are so tall, uneven and cold that access to the city from above is not only incredibly dangerous but almost impossible to accomplish. All of the ballistas, cannons and other war machines can be adjusted to cover any direction however so Dracton is able to defend from all angles.

Dractonian Guard

With not only a heavy presence in and around the city, the Dractonian guard can be found all across the empire, in the towns, villages, mountain ranges and wetlands, performing routine tax collections, patrols and inspections.   Their typical attire consists of lightweight, blackened steel armor with deep blue undergarments, matching the empires emblem of blue and gold colour schemes.   They are known for their assertive and aggressive nature as well as for being exceptional fighters and casters, making a formiddable foe to get on the wrong side of.


Falixto rules the Dractonian Empire and has done so for the last 349 years, his wealth, power and influence leaving him officially unchallenged thoughout his reign. He alone is in charge of creating, changing and enforcing the laws of the kingdom.



In 1807, mines were opened in the Spyre Mountains and a camp named Ryogan set up for the owners and workers numbering around 150 people. As the mines proved more and more profitable, the camp grew to the size of a small town and more services were set up for those living or staying there for long periods.


After a change of ownership of the mines in the year 2336, the settlement was renamed Dracton as it continued to expand, now resembling other settlements in terms of layout and structure. Over the coming centuries, several additional layers, walls and other defences were set out to offer some security and protection.

The Great Unrest

Between the years 3091 - 3645 there was a period of unrest in Dracton and the surrounding areas involving many power struggles and shifts of ownership and authority. Some of these events were so fleeting and brief that there is not much recorded about their time in the spotlight but at least 40 different individuals or organizations took charge across those 554 years.

Falixto Gold

In 3646, the Falixto mining company discovers vast gold deposits beneath their quartz mine but this was not public knowledge until two years later. By this time, the young and ambitious Magnus Falixto has used this gold to pay for security and weaponry for mines to protect his wealth as well as a small but powerful private army.

The Falixto Rule

By the time 3651 rolls around, Falixto takes advantage of the weak leadership and his strong position and wealth to win over the residents and assume control of the town. He lays out his future plans and views for the city, pushing a vast expansion of the mining output and settlement numbers.

Dractonian Guard Formation

The Dractonian Guard are established in 3655 and their influence and presence is felt throughout the region. The town of Dracton is well on it's way to reaching the size of a small city already and plans for expansion do not look to be slowing down. Incredible layers of walled defences now line the route in and out of the city as Dracton becomes one of the largest powers in the land.


Dracton has capitalised on the trade and accumulation of valuable goods throughout the region, ensuring they always have the supplies they need for a city their size and in their location. They lack farmable land and do not have much in the way of trees with several smaller settlements sending food, wood and other supplies to the city every day.   Materials from their many mining networks are exported to locations all over Rayas, mainly gold, coal and diamonds but also smaller deposits of numerous other gemstones and precious metals.


Wealth is very important in dractonian culture and it is wealth that keeps the city alive and prospering. Those without the means to provide and pay taxation to the kingdom are cast out or forgotten and left to fend for themselves. There are often harsh penalties for crimes related to finances such as stealing, fraud, bribery and corruption no matter if the amount involved is gold or coppers.

Golden Feast

At the end of every month, several establishments, businesses and other wealthy individuals indulge in a healthy spending splurge to show off their wealth. Parties and gatherings are arranged and feasts prepared for well over double the capacity of the events as the finest foods, drinks, trinkets and equipment are found in abundance.


The Norse Pantheon is heavily worshipped in this region with many shrines, statues and homages to the many deities scattered throughtout north east Rayas.  
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Magnus Falixto
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