Varnux is a large city situated on the west coast of Rayas south of Kerns.


The city is perched on the edge of a canyon, overlooking the Yorban River that flows from the Mullin Peaks to the sea. It is surrounded by rocky and perilous terrain, with only a few roads and trails leading in and out of the city able to cater for vehicles or horses.   Varnux is primarily built from a mix of darkened grey stone and deep green marble with white veins and highlights. Where there are highlights in marble, gold decorations are usually an accompaniment giving the city a very specific theme throughout. You won't find any structures within the city walls not made of these materials and for travelers or those new to the city, it is incredibly easy to become lost. The residential and economic districts are distinctly separated and many structures span multiple levels, housing many different familes or businessess within.   The Santauri Uk Riask is the holy center of the city and features numerous administrative buildings, places of worship and statues of deities all made from the same marble and gold materials as other parts of the city although much more heavily focused. The largest shrine of worship is adorned with an incredibly tall, intricately carved marble obelisk, serving as a beacon to those in the city limits and beyond and can be seen for miles around.


The main defences are the natural terrain features that make access to the city so tough and cutting off these routes effectively prevents access to the city. The bridge to the north can be withdrawn by the city relatively quickly and the next crossing is miles upstream near the Maloc Mills. A bridge to the south near the village of Runkoon can also be defended and blocked when neccesary provinding even more security.   The city additionally has towering walls of dark stone, a large quantity of powerful cannons along the walls in all directions and an ever present guard presence. The outer walls are known to be maintained with defensive magic and charms with shamans perfroming rituals daily on all vital structures.


The form of government has been a theocracy for many centuries now with the city leaders and members worshipping the deity Riask heavily. A group of shamans run the day to day operations, ensure laws and values are upheld as well as managing the imports and exports of the city.


An island just off the coast serves as a prison of sorts, controlled by the Khorozo where any wrongdoers are sent to await trial or for punishments. It is surrounded by strong currents and only expert sailors are able to make it safely to and from the islands shores.


Varnux was originally formed in 1233 and used to be positioned slightly further north where the site of the now ruined castle and grounds remain. It was rebuilt in its new location after the rule was taken over by the Tillia in 3661. The city was moved to gain strategic advantage agaisnt any would be attackers.   The control of the city has remained in the hands of the Tillia since then and they have effectively fought off aggressors and defended their terrority since, slowly expanding to the point of influence they hold today.


The main export of Varnux is iron and there is a lot of it around, mines can be found all over in the land surrounding the city. The green marble rock the city is built with is not openly traded and it is an offensive to mine or harvest any from the ground without their permisssion.   There are several small deposits of crystals and minerals south of the city with the most profitable being red jasper, mainly used for decorative purposes. Some farms in the local area have an excellent climate for spices, herbs and other plants that require a slightly cooler atmosphere, a local green dye produces a deep earthy tone well sought after.   Trade in the city is forbidden after dark so trading must occur within daylight trading hours. Most places are closed throughought the night due to this but several structures just outside the city walls offer shelter, food and rest for travellers day and night.


Religion forms a big part of city life, there are prayers to Riask throughout the day at sunrise, noon and sunset. Food and drink must be blessed before it is consumed and no one may speak ill of Riask or face punishment. Visitors should be careful to follow local customs and traditions while within the city walls.
Parent Location
Political Influence
Estero Domain
Large City
Estimated Population
Group In Power
Khorozo Shamans
Estero Khorozo
Noteable Resorces
Green Marble
Red Jasper
Dark Green Dye
Black Pepper


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