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Summercamp 2023 or Camp Chill or Ice, Ice, Baby!

Full steam ahead!

Oh boy, it is this time of the year again. It felt like it was yesterday, but it was last year. Much water got down the drain, the rivers and every other current we have, especially time. Rising temperatures here in Germany (and I would say all over the world) won't make it easy to get into the creative mood or muster the energy to crank out article after article after article. Not only for me, I'm talking everyone.
And like last year (read my SC pledge if interested) I'm going for copper with the aim to get to Silver. I can't give more than that because this year I have no vacation during this time, so it is full work mode with two software releases during this time. So it is now more than ever Camp Chill for me, brought up by Annie Stein.
This time it is getting a lot harder to not burn out, but have an ice cream because I got some neat ideas. In addition we want to visit not only my world of Koria, but also my world of Science-Fantasy "Humans are Space Orcs" for a more big-picture-view of an alternative timeline of one of my projects, infused with the so called Unspeakables, literal demons, and with beloved characters and more stories than worldbuilding.
Which means that there are more articles which includes stories like my Saturn Incident or the first Human-Anthraxian political meeting. They vary and I hope I can make it right during SummerCamp. Don't get me wrong, the Science-Fantasy-stuff needs a lot of worldbuilding, but I want to have it more rough with a lot of space (pun intended) for the readers own fantasy.
For the Summer Camp 2023 I, CrazyEddie, hereby pledge to enjoy myself during this Summer Camp, even when I do not reach my set goal of Copper during stressful life. My goal is to expand both of my worlds and to inspire others while maintaining a healthy balance in life. Additionally, I will share the Summer Camp hype to help fellow worldbuilders getting inspired about their creative work and be of best of help as good as I can.
— CrazyEddie
See the links below if you are interested.

Rise to POWER (Copper)

Power is one of the larger topics in Koria. Not only because of the Spiral and the organisations which mustered the strength to withstand the beings coming out of there, but there is also more to raw power than that. Power does not mean muscles, it means inner strength, be it to hold up against political enemies or your neighbours who think you are a freak because your parents were a human and an elf. Power also means to stand against living darkness, the whispering of the veil or of false consultants.   And POWER is also the way to learn how you can achive different things. Becoming a Vael, learn how to navigate through political jungles or to commandeer a troup or entire armies.   Here we will explore some of those themes.

Divide & Conquer: Frontiers (Silver)

  Frontiers are fascinating. Be it the veil which protects our world of Koria from the demons lurking behind it (see my Arcana Basics article for a more in-depth explanation) or the No Man's Land in the vast space which defines to border of three different species in my Space Orcs setting. Or just the exam you have to take - or the entire course - to be a good mage, a good sorcerer, a good-and-beyond magic wielder.   Be it the assignment to be a Mortal God, be it the Spiral and the Crimson Chamber or just the water surface which protects us from the horrors down below. We will see where this road is taking us.

Stories of the Past: Relics (Gold)

  Oh, that is one right into my interests and there is a lot to explore in Koria, to find and to gain. Relics are one of those topics like my Crystal Crown which are not new, but fairly unexplored. Most people tend to avoid relics because most of them are created for a specific purpose and most of them is to enhance power or to destroy. Mostly.   But there are other relics, rememberance for an age long past. I can't wait to dive into the more detailed era of my Dragon Sun Empire, the forbearer of Hulwar including a timeline of the ruling house.   But we can do so much more here. We still have the area of the Spiritfarer and their realm of Acresea with the last Spiritfarer Palorma. What kinds of relics might be buried in the empty halls where only Palorma and the spirits are roaming?   Maybe we venture into the city of Oldrir, the old capital of the Longardir bloodline. We have stories to tell and a few archeologists who are eager to dig and dig and dig...   Don't forget the University of Hulwar, where one of the chancellors was conspiring with dark forces. What is buried in the echoing halls down the University? Where shadows walk and insects speak while souls roam and cry, tortured?   Lets take a look, shall we?

Lets talk: Communication (Diamond)

Aaaah, communication. Kommunikation (german), comunicación (spanish), Komyunikēshon (japanese). The craft, the ability and the method to speak with each other. Be it for negotiating peace, argue with each other or sometimes declare our undying love in lyrics, poems or just screaming at the top of our lungs.   There are a lot of methods to communicate and I never really have thought about it rather then the normal messengers (and the rare Owlpanther, but that is more of an exception), so I'm really happy to explore some of those ideas I have in mind and see how they turn out.   Be it to try to settle the war with the inhabitants of the Spiral, try not to get eaten by the things behind the veil or maybe speak with a dead god. Endless possibilities awaits us. Lets put an ear to that!

Keyboard Dance

And with Summer Camp 2023 now coming to an end, the closing ceremony done, we all recieved our certificate. And I'm proud to announce that I reached Diamond. Wouldn't be possible without the glorious Anvilities in this community!
CrazyEddies Summer Camp Certificate 2023
CrazyEddies Summer Camp Certificate 2023 by World Anvil
CrazyEddie Summer Camp 2023 Pledge by World Anvil

Cover image: Koria Main Header by CrazyEddie via Midjourney


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Jun 11, 2023 13:23 by TJ Trewin

Copper is a fantastic goal to work towards! Have a super chill and inspiring summer camp :D you've got this! What kind of article templates do you enjoy writing for the most?

Journals of Yesteryear
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Jun 11, 2023 15:14

Hey TJ, thanks a lot, I hope I can supply you guys with a bunch of good and enjoyable articles.   Uhm, good question actually. Item, Organisation and Character sprang to mind on the instant, so I would answer it with that. :)

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Jun 11, 2023 14:33 by Rin Garnett

Two software releases, busy month for you! Don't forget to take care of yourself :) Best of luck reaching your goals, and may the prompts be forever in your favor.

Jun 11, 2023 15:18

Yeah, kinda too busy if you ask me. I'll try my very best to not burn out or do much overtime, it throw me over the edge last year, so... yeah.   And thanks a lot, I hope I can deliver some interesting or at least enjoyable articles and/or stories during SC. :)

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Jun 21, 2023 15:08

Good Luck to reach your goal and may be a bit more while you're at it ^^.
I am looking forward to read the new things you'll write about!

Have a look at my Cabinet of Curiosities entries or my entry for Tillerz Duckuary: Die Ruinen von Duckistan!
Jun 26, 2023 13:17

Thank you; you and me both! :)

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Jun 25, 2023 04:38 by Dani

Great to see some chill summer energy! With the busy month, keep the worldbuilding pressure low, okay? Let it be the thing that brings your positive vibes high, so you can write your things with joy. I hope whatever articles you get to write make you smile! :)

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Jun 26, 2023 13:17

I'll try my very best to keep the pressure low. It fuels me with creative energy and the will to create more and to write more, so my readers can have a good time. But I try not to burn out, thank you :) Whenever you or my readers enjoy my small (or not so small) articles, it fills my heart with joy and it sings for a time.

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Jul 5, 2023 21:13 by Secere Laetes

Jetzt komme ich leider erst zum Kommentieren nach Beginn, aber nun gut. Dein Pledge liest sich wirklich super und ja, man merkt dir deine Reliktbegeisterung definitiv an. Aber insgesamt alles könnte sehr nett sein und wird es derzeit bereits. Strukturen rund um Schokolade zu schaffen ist wirklich eine klasse Idee. Und weckt den Hunger, err den Appetit auf Schoko. Weiterhin viel Erfolg.

Jul 31, 2023 23:06

Danke, wir haben es dann nun endlich geschafft. Der Chocolate-Article-Train hat sein Ende gefunden und jede Menge Leute begeistert. Ziel erreicht. Leider war das Relic-Thema nicht das, was ich mir erhofft hatte (und auch nicht der Item-Prompt aus verschiedensten Gründen), aber auch da konnte ich etwas bewirken. :P

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