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  The species of the Spiritfarer were a humanoid race located in the northern part of the southeastern mountain range. They had a territory only spanning a few dozen kilometers, their borders the beginning of the mountains.   The Spiritfarer were a little bit taller than the average human. Otherwise very similar to the humans, even in their physiology. Apart from their taller appearance they had slightly bigger eyes in form of almonds. A visitor wouldn't notice it at the first contact, but would feel that something is off until he get the difference.   The Spiritfarer were created by Life and Death after both of the Eternals noticed that a lot of spirits wouldn't traverse easily to their designated realms of Death (bound to a specific religion for example). The reasons for this were multifarious: war, famine, unconcluded business in life and refusal of their own death.   This is where the Spiritfarer came into action. They were given the ability to speak to the spirits and to see to which realm of death a spirit belongs. Some of the more invested Spiritfarer could even see the life of the spirit they had to guide to the afterlife.    

Biology & Reproduction

  The Spiritfarer were in terms of biology identical to the humans, even in the amount of their teeth.   The only difference lies in their reproduction cycle. A female Spiritfarer is only fertile every five years for half a year. After twelve months of pregnancy they give birth. Two days after birthgiving the cycle starts anew. A male Spiritfarer is similar to the human male. Male and female could - in theory - give birth to other species, say a female with a human/dwarf/elf and vice versa.    


  Most of the Spiritfarer prefered colourful clothing in orange, red, green and blue, some of them in white and everything in between. Only the High Council wore a sash with the title embroidered with gold thread on the front.   Trousers and shirts were a thing back in the day, but most of the spirit-helping Farers wore robes and gowns. This style of clothing made them happy.    

Food & Drinks

  Most of the Spiritfarers were vegetarians, so their everyday food consists of cabbages, turnips and fruits. In case of fish they had all the same opinion: it is meat, so the vegetarian Farers wouldn't eat it.   Their everyday drinks were goatmilk, tea, water and something they called "Golden Brew", but nobody knows anymore what it was so scholars would refer to it as "mead". And Palorma doesn't speak of this topic.    

Culture & Social Structure

  In terms of social structure it was very simple. The High Council consists of twenty of the oldest Spiritfarers and/or with the most experience. After that there were the field service, those Spiritfarers who were on missions to guide lost spirits to their designated afterlifes. And to provide the field service and the entire society with food and drinks there were the workers, an honorable position in the society, very close to the field service.   The Spiritfarer were a species of artists. When not working on the field or in the field (missions for e.g.) they crafted statues, drew pictures with oil or other liquids or created songs and theatre plays. It was not an uncommon sight to see a wandering Spiritfarer performing on his or her lute or flute.  


  Nearly every building was made out the stone they had at their hands: the mountain ranges surrounding them. With the very limited magical abilites they had - and the magic-like abilities of their stone-workers - the Spiritfarer created playful lines and arches and high windows. A very large number of buildings were built into the side of the mountains.  

Extinction & last remains

  The species of the Spiritfarer went extinct because of pure laziness and being absorbed in their task nearly everyone forgot to copulate. No new children were born, their sex drive came to a slow, silent stop and even their libido died a painful death.   The only living being and last remains with the entire memory of the Spiritfarer is Palorma.
~2000 years
Average Height
  • Male: 195cm
  • Female: 185-190cm
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