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  Palorma is the last of the Spiritfarers and the last being in Koria who is capable of bringing spirits over the spiritual border to their designated afterlife.   She is a humble being, capable of tending to plants and animals, but also trained in self-defense and killing humans, elves, dwarves and Garlagans since some Spiritfarer were captured by the Garlagans and were never released. But the stories about the Garlagans were not nice, so self-defense was a must for everyone. Palorma specialised in daggers so she could hide various knives and daggers under her clothes.   Over the years she developed a certain bloodlust and she has no problems with killing people when necessary or when threatened. She never kills out of pure joy so she would never kill randomly.   Palorma really likes jewelery.  

On missions

  On missions Palorma travels mostly alone with only two bags: one is for spare clothes, lotion for her skin and rations, the other one is a big leather bag with her working accessoirs, sealed with a few runes so no one can open it except Palorma.   Normally she wears a gown which covers most of her body. Depending on the visited culture she will show more or less skin or no skin at all. Her normal attire will show face, neck and the upper part of her breast and cover everything else. Black colour and with blue highlights. She also wears a necklace with a sapphire pendant. Depending on the weather and the culture she also wears leather boots or slippers or sandals, mostly in red, black or blue, sometimes purple.   Palorma is normally a calm and humble person. She is doing her job and she is very good at it. She will answer in a polite way and take her leave when it is appropriate. She never overstays at the designated residence and will not establish lasting contacts with anyone except for some raunchy affairs.   Speaking of raunchy affairs: she really likes it when someone's gaze is tearing her clothes off and is ██████████ so she can do whatever she wants for example ███████████████ and then ████████████████████ so she can really enjoy herself. In this part of her life she is a little bit egoistic.   Her services are really pricey because she is the last of the Spiritfarers and has no one to do the chores around her premises so she has to buy most of the necessary resources or services.  

At home

  At home Palorma wears linen and leather while tending to her garden and the few fields she can manage to cultivate. She grows crops and fruits and some types of corn like wheat and rye. When her daily chores are done - baking bread or tending to crumbling buildings - she usually paints with oil or sculpture people from her missions; more often she retires to the garden with the small waterfall or to the chamber of the High Council where she writes ballads or just plays an instrument of her liking. No sexual endeavours, just the usual stuff.   Sometimes she sits at the graves of her loved ones and plays the lute or the flute, singing with her clear, soft voice about the world or how she misses them.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fit, curves in all the right places, strong hands because of gardening and repairing; no obvious diseases, only has a very dry skin.

Special abilities

Besides her ability to "see" the life of a unwilling spirit she has no other special abilities. Everything else - be it gardening, painting, making music or crafting things - she developed over time.

Apparel & Accessories

Palorma often wears long dresses or gowns; most of them is for hiding her body, others are part of a more formal attire. Some for teasing, some for pleasing.

Specialized Equipment

Palorma uses a wide range of spiritual equipment. This includes Holy Water, holy artifacts, rosaries, prayer beads, charms, blessed amulets and sigils written on paper, wood or stone. Sometimes even engraved daggers, but that is the exception.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

She saw her entire species vanishing before her eyes and even hold her beloved girlfriend in her arms as she died of poison she took herself.

Personality Characteristics


Apart from her duty she has no real motiviation to live and to preserve her life. Food, drinks and sex are good things, but that is not what drives her. Only her duty.

Likes & Dislikes

Doesn't like tomatoes and cucumbers. Really loves the big and sweet potatoes.
long raven black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
milky white skin

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