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  Acresea is the realm of the Spiritfarers. Without other settlements their only city is named after the realm itself, so they don't have a name for it besides Acresea.   The realm is located at the northern part of the the Daveldare Mountains and only reachable through two passages, but the southern passage is now blocked by stones and metal so the only way is through the very big frontgate. The entire city is built into the sides of the mountains, apart from the farms and gardens. There are only two water supplies; one is a very deep well and the other one is the waterfall in the Holy Eternal Garden, dedicated to their Creators, flowing into a large lake.   The big gate at the northern passage is called "Eternal Wings" because the winged doors are portrayed with the frescos of the Eternals Life and Death, their Creators. The sigils and runes on the edge of the doors create powerful barriers which meddle with the eyes and the memory of unwelcome guests (or intruders).   The rich earth inside the small valley supports the farms and gardens and fields with minerals. Even bees built their hives in some of the trees, butterflies, deers & wild pigs are not as one might think.    

The city of Acresea

  The city is built into the sides of the mountains and the few defense mechanism are well hidden and powerful enough to decimate small armies. Most of them are trigger-related, so they don't need people to operate. Others are semi-intelligent and others are both, some are permanent at work like the memory altering spells.   The architecture is more playful since the Spiritfarers like arches and curvy lines, they were not fans of edges and hard cuts. Plants and shiny things like metal chandeliers are a thing and even the workers of the Spiritfarers had their share of wealth through the missions of the field service agents.   Most of the needed resources the Spiritfarers and the city could provide on their own, only things like cotton, rice or iron were traded.   In the southern area of the valley lies a smaller lake, surrounded by a little oak forest. One of Palormas favorite places after the Holy Eternal Garden and the waterfall.

Public Agenda

The more or less public agenda is described as peaceful. Holy people like priests and druids know that the Spiritfarers are very helpful people and their exorcism is the most powerful.   The goal of the Spiritfarers is to ease the pain of a not expected death, mostly on the side of the deceased, sometimes on the side of the dead and the living.


The Spiritfarers worshipped the Eternals Life and Death. At the end of every week they thanked Life for another day and they thanked Death for the opportunity to help him doing his work.

Granted Divine Powers

Every Spiritfarer has the power and the knowledge to guide (angry) spirits left behind to their designated afterlife, depending on their beliefs.

May you have a splendid afterlife

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