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Djinn (Di-Jinn)


Djinns or Djinns (pronounced Di-Jinn) are a rare species in Koria and mostly acknowledged as legends or myths. They are highly intelligent, mostly loners and not really a cursed species as some legends try to display it to the audience. And normally they do not live in lamps or other objects when nobody put a spell on them beforehand. For a long time nobody had tried that since the last one was released from his prison and it would be better if it stays that way.


The name of "Djinn" is from an old saying and translates to corporeal ghosts because of their ability to have a body or a more fog-like appearence.
Problem with that is, that they are not native to the world of Koria or even this dimension. They are remnants from summonings which worked, but didn't provide a way back. They are basically the demons from behind the veil, but pressed and mangled, so they appear as fog or something humanoid. And it is making them... well, uneasy would be a bit too nice to say.
The summoning ritual consists of three parts: summoning, stating your wish, provide the way back (basically "I release you from our bound/contract"), but most people forgot about the releasing-part. Which are... around six or eight Djinns in total all over Koria. They appeared first in the closer proximity and in Pisocenia where they got their name from.
They do have names and sometimes, on a really rare occasion, they spill them. Probably before they kill you, but that is just tough luck.

Behaviour & Living

Djinns had problems adapting to the plane they are now in. Their original corporeal form was mangled and ripped off during the summoning ritual, but their connection to their home-dimension is still intact. Problem with that: when they are trying to get home, they bounce off the veil. They need to find another being which can re-create the ritual, grant them a wish and gets to send home.
Guess how many times that had worked out? - Not quite, but correct.
From the really rare occasions someone had reported from their experience with a Djinn, there is only one book in existance right now describing the entire procedure including approach and sending the Djinn back home. It was written by a Formulist accompaning a really desperate and really rich noble.
But that is part of another story.
Djinns retreat to lonely spaces just like ruins, caves or abandoned buildings. One might think it would be better for a Djinn to go into town so they can find a mage, but... that hadn't worked out before. Djinns were captured, held hostage, their power drawn away from them or nastier things. From there comes the legend of the Djinn in a bottle. And as if it is weren't enough to be cut off from your home, you are getting imprisoned in a tiny living room. That is the reason why Djinns are not only angry, but really, really dangerous. So be careful what you are wishing for.

Wishes with a twist

Summoning a Djinn (or whatever they are before they come to Koria) is a dangerous business. They do not appreciate being forcefully pulled from their dimension, crushed and put into a different form before they can return. They let you feel it at the beginning while trying to break out and later on fulfilling your wish.
The trick by wishing for a thing to happen is to cover your wish, the consequences and negative aspects. If you are not doing it, the Djinn will add consequences and negative aspects by itself just out of spite. And because it probably hates you and wants to punish you for hurting it.
Depending on your wish the consequences are next to non-existent and the downsides are... managable, but sometimes it gets really nasty.
Legend says that you have three wishes for a few boundaries like they can't force people to fall in love with each other or raise someone from the dead.
Utter nonsense. They can. It is a warning to not to wish for. Not that they will tell you about it how to wish. They just say "I can do that."

Ghostly Tales

"What did you wished for?"
"That I would always have money in my pockets."
"Yeah..." pulls trousers up again "This is my sixth belt this month. I mean, I can spend the money right away..."
— A friend with an embarrassed friend
"What happened here?" asked the investigator the first responder and gagged after seeing the remnants what was the former living room.
"It is not pretty." replied the responder, handing out a scented handkerchief which the investigator took with a sound of relief.
"Thank you. - I can see that it is not pretty, but what in Elekhas name happened here?"
"From what we know and what we gathered from their remains and his office, she died a few years ago. He was so desperate, that he wanted to find a Djinn. And succeeded."
"A real Djinn? I thought they were a myth."
"As did I. But apparently they are not. - Anyway. The Djinn raised her from the dead. As an undead body apparently withouth a soul and a hunger for flesh."
"He didn't specify that he wanted to have her back with soul, blood, hair and toe?"
"Probably not. She killed him, ate a huge chunk out of him and then dropped back to being dead."
"Unfortunate soul..."
— Investigator and responder at a homicide
"Why are you looking like a human?"
"Because your mind couldn't comprehend my true form. Do I look appealing to you?"
"Uh... that is one way to say it..."
— One with a wish to a Djinn

My search finally comes to an end. I found it. I found the abandoned mine. I ventured deep into it and now I can see it. The tower of the mage Archanso. It is built upon an island in a lake. I can see it. Illuminated by the foreign energy and crystals not from this world. I can see her from my position high up. I'm surprised the Djinn is a female. Always thought Djinns were males.
Well, anyway. I am so close to my destiny. My wish. My love. My goal. To get all fulfilled and more. I only have to survive the Djinn. It was a good thing that I found the complete ritual...
— Entry from a dairy by a delusional and desperate adventurer
Corporal body of a male Djnn by CrazyEddie via Midjourney

Corporal body of a female Djnn by CrazyEddie via Midjourney

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