SummerCamp 2022 aka Chill Camp

My goal (Homework 1)

This is the first time I participate in a Summer Camp. World Ember 2020 was my entry into World Anvil and World Ember 2021 gave me lot of inspiration, a great experience and my first writers burnout. After WorldEmber 2021, I had a few stressful months that did not allow for a lot of worldbuilding other than my usual content, so I'm really excited to use Summer Camp as an opportunity to be inspired and back into that world build flow! As for tier... For this year, I'd love to see where it gets me. But in regards to Annies "Camp Chill" I let the flow of Summercamp 2022 take me where ever it wants. I want to have fun, not burn out. So Copper is my goal right now.

The Scope & Themes (Homework 2)

This year I'm going to see where the prompts lead me and what I'm inspired by. I'm not going to let myself be constrained by a certain area in my world because Koria is quite large. What I will try to do is see if I can set the prompts/articles in the same areas so that it all kind of connects to eachother thematically and geographically. But we will see about that.

Expanse (Copper)

Tons of options here, since Koria is a young world in terms of when I created it. We have deserts or jungles, mists and swamps and mountains etc. etc. :D Not to forget the rivers and lakes and seas and ... you get the idea. ;)

Leadership (Silver)

Koria still has plenty of titles and roles and kingdoms that need defining or writing about. I still need styles and structures to leadership or greater organisations. Smaller organizations also need leadership, talking about the Archivists or the Scholars of the Blood Moon.

Discovery (Gold)

Discovery is an interesting one to write about but I have a hard time imagining prompts for this theme. I think some technologies or magic spells might be fun to write about here. Famous inventors and explorers as characters could be a great way of giving this theme more input. Since I have no long lost civilisations I might have to create workarounds with "Lost Places" or something in this direction. There's still plenty to be discovered in my world, and I'm sure through connecting it with the other themes that I will be able to write about this theme as well.

Monstrous (Diamond)

No worries about this one. Creatures, organizations, religions, there's plenty of evil and good things and everything in between to write about in my world. I really enjoy evil/good/whatever with a neat backstory that gives the evil at least some motivation other than 'am evil, do evil', so I'd love to see if I can put some of that within my writing for these prompts. Most of my characters have a flaw and a motivation besides 'because I can', so lets see where this is taking us.

Inspiration (Homework 3)

Most of my inspiration is coming from games like Dark Souls, Hades and at last Elden Ring, worldbuilding-wise at least. I drew inspiration from songs which are projecting their stories and images in my head and I drew inspiration from medieval Europe and sometimes from East Asia, speaking of Japan and/or China. Sometimes it is a smell or a word but the former is the most part of it. I drew inspiration from my map (made by Azgaars map gen) which has so much to offer.

Planning for success (Homework 4)

This is a difficult one. Since I only have a few days of vacation and will get back to work someday in the middle of July, I won't be able to do all the prompts (Copper and beyond, you might say), but I have ordered new tea bags, I have set my writing playlist, hardware is all functional and I have no real appointments this time of year, so everything is in order and waiting to get Summer Camp done.

Quantity and Quality

I'm one of those 'agile' writers so I create my articles as long as needed with enough information to keep it entertaining but without giving to much spoiler out of it (maybe with spoiler tags when needed) since I want to show most of my world in the stories I'm creating. This mean I will mostly archieve the Silver Badge, but I'm going for Copper so every article is as good as needed in a quality I can identify with and is pleasant to read.


My vacation is about to start, but I have visitors over (Panthers for a few days, and Secere and Shadow are there too^^) and some other projects which needs care and love so it might not be the productive Summercamp I want it to be, but progress is progress and we see where it takes us. I promise nothing. :)

After Summer Camp

  Summer Camp 2022 - or Camp Chill - is now over. We tried our best, each of us. My notifications climbed over 500 and I did my best to fill the notifs of my fellow Anvilities with my articles too. SC was a good time to expand Koria because this world is relatively fresh and not really fleshed out. But with the Summer Camp articles we laid some groundwork throughout the prompts so lets get to it.    

Copper prompts (Expanse)

Copper were one of the categories where I could tell a lot about Koria and the things, be it animal or species or organisation, living in it.
The first groundwork were the Emerald Planes. Not the first article though, but I think we should begin at the start.  
Emerald Planes
Geographic Location | Jul 7, 2022
  After the Emerald Planes I wrote the initial article about the Scholars of the Blood Moon, answering the prompt "religion or organisation connected to a natural phenomenon"  
Scholars of the Blood Moon
Organization | Sep 29, 2022
  But what would a natural phenomenom be without some floating stuff? So have my Sky Whales, which are pretty chill and very deadly when falling out of the sky.  
Sky Whale
Species | Jul 6, 2022
  You have no reason to fear the Sky Whales if you are fast enough to escape them. Or anything else besides flying raptors if you are on a Sandwalker Sledge. Best used on sand and grass.  
Sandwalker Sledges
Vehicle | Jul 9, 2022
  Speaking of sand... you know that the first settlers in the lands - more deserts - of Pisocenia landed in the south and founded a now large city? No? Then take a look.  
Settlement | Jul 2, 2022
  Since Mearis is one of the richer trading places you can find all kind of goods here. But there is something material you won't find above ground.  
Dwarven Brass Dye
Material | Jul 14, 2022
  Above ground is the right word for it. Well, words. They were the second-to-one-largest trading power in the south, but got extinct because of... well, love.  
Ethnicity | Jul 27, 2022
  But love goes through the stomach they say and sometimes political things too. The dwarfs know this, so their political discussions usually starts with the exchange of food. A rite between the dwarven clans.  
Dumpling Exchange
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 8, 2022

Silver prompts (Leadership)

  The Silver area of SC was a little bit more difficult since I haven't had a timeline or the kingdoms, states and different rulers of each race. And not even the races besides Human and Garladan. So I had to write about things I was certain and had a more or less clear image in mind.   I was going ham with this... a military conflict resolved through excellent leadership. The problem here was that I couldn't think of something else, because it is the largest conflict to date. Welcome to the Times of War, triggered by the creation of The Spiral.  
Times of War
Military Conflict | Aug 5, 2022
  there was something... no, someone who was responsible for bringing the armies of the kingdoms to the Spiral, denying the forces of otherworldly, angry beings the entrance to Koria.  
Halisca Fidelis
Character | Sep 12, 2022
  But not all things were included in the Times of War. The Garladan council chose not to intervene, but was asked a few years later. They came together in the highest chamber...change was coming.  
Tower of Magic
Building / Landmark | Jul 14, 2022
  Speaking of change. What is more change than war? Right, getting your money taken away and replaced with something else. Oh and banks. Horrible things. Sometimes. Often. Mostly.  
Golden Hoard Capital and Investment Management
Organization | Aug 28, 2022

Gold prompts (Discovery)

  The Golden Prompts of Summer Camp (yes, it is a title and this is correct as it is) were fun, but same with the silver prompts: not fully fledged out and mostly no ideas for it, so I was going with the ideas I had beforehand and took the chance.   Im combination with my Longardir ethnicity I decided to write about their capital which is a little bit sentient and about their blood.  
Settlement | Jul 28, 2022
  Since the capital was long lost and abandoned, flora and fauna could thrive again and so does this - believed to be extinct - interesting, dangerous and very chilled moth.  
Sunfire Moth
Species | Jul 23, 2022
  This time Gavín wasn't the one who has discovered it, but the story of this particular artefact is a story about loss and revenge.  
Crystal Crown
Item | Aug 12, 2022
  Speaking of Gavín.  
Character | Aug 5, 2022

Diamond prompts and closing

  Sorry to disappoint, but the diamond prompts were a good choice, but I neither had the energy nor the time (vacation wasn't as good as one would expect) to dive into those. Real life was rather stressful, so I had to choose between all of those fabulous ideas and prompts. But a Silver Badge for my first Summer Camp is not that bad. I am really satisfied with the outcome and while I lost several days to my new toy Midjourney (you can see the images in the articles) I'm not mad. It was time spent good. And the next goal is more quality and finally to write my stories in the world of Koria. The next Summer Camp is right around the corner, so be prepared and your smithy always warm.     In case you were wondering and don't want to calculate it by yourself, here are some stats:    
Article Name Words per Article
Emerald Planes 1272
Scholars of the Blood Moon 862
Sky Whale 1028
Sandwalker Sledges 628
Mearis 2046
Dwarven Brass Dye 768
Longardir 1188
Dumpling Exchange 651
Times of War 2491
Tower of Magic 909
Golden Hoard Capital and Investment Management 2219
Halisca Fidelis 1813
Oldrir 2017
Sunfire Moth 1021
Crystal Crown 1860
Gavín 803
Wordcount in total 21576
Average Wordcount 1348

Cover image: Article Header Koria by Midjourney


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