Lusanti Marchois

Written by Ademal

Lusanti Marchois is a famous journalist thought to be operating out of Victoriana City. He began as a drama LifeStreamer, but broke into the mainstream with his exposé on Freddie Fasttalk—a lifestreamer who was controversial after allegations of bullying Sleepy Abigail to suicide.

Lusanti soon became known as the maker and breaker of reputations. His exposés were multi-hour, fully performed journalistic enterprises which pulled back the covers on the secrets of someone's success. His targets slowly grew, shifting from celebrities, to politicians, to Monoliths, until he was forced to go underground to protect his safety.

Lusanti's personality is as divisive as his content. He demonstrates an extreme, cocky confidence, and encourages his viewers to do much the same. "There is no glory," he claims, "In fake, self-aggrandizing humility. Within each of us is the potential of Gods."

Lusanti Marchois Talking

Lusanti's voice was clarion, yet gentle, as he paced the screen and dove into his exposé:

"As you can see from these scans Freddy shared after his nasolabial surgery: his facial structure shows signs of severe alteration around the cheeks, brow, and nose. I consulted my surgeon, who commented that the bone structure is very Aen."

"I'm not criticizing Freddy's surgery choices. That is not the point. That is not my place. What we are looking for is a trend. A trend of him telling a series of half-truths that reveal a whole, hidden one. Each piece of evidence is innocuous alone, until compiled with the rest."

"Now, Freddie claims to be from 'the island of Panamanki' on Eden, which he says is: 'so small it doesnt appear on any maps'. I did some research into Panamanki, and it must be very small indeed, because it's not only missing from every map—it's also missing from history and even fiction!"

"Every single thing we know about Freddie falls apart under scrutiny. Even his Human-hood and his Edenic roots, both of which he expresses a constant, zealous pride over, are suspect. Who exactly is Freddie Fasttalk."

— Lusanti Marchois
The Exposé of Freddy Fasttalk (4 hour runtime)

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FirstHeart Human
Nonbinary Transmasc
Freddie Fasttalk

Freddie Fasttalk: Lusanti Marchois is so full of shit! He's a stalker and a harasser, and his style is terrible.

Mikoya Aqua: Seriously, he just dropped this to divert from my piece about his connections to Madame Fas.

Both: Lusanti, we're coming for you!

Mikoya Aqua
— Freddie Fasttalk & Mikoy Aqua
On 'Fired Up with Freddie Fasttalk'

It is kind of my favorite thing that they're so worked up over this. They're so unused to having all their shit stacked up against them at once that they can't help but run headlong into it. I'm not going to say that it's a testament to how good I am at this... but it is a testament to how good I am at this.

I'm sure some of you will judge me for enjoying this. That's fine. I'm not responsible for your flimsy moral compass. Freddie exacerbated Sleepy Abigail's's spiral live on stream, and didn't have a hint of remorse. He raised thousands of Rukta to buy a sample of Haute Water while his ex-costar rotted in a Federation penal colony on a meager bail.

I didn't even mention Mikoy in his vid but she's clearly ready to go down with him. Watch my last video to watch me dismantle her claims that my wardrobe is provided by Madame Fas. For one, ew, no?—for both ethical and aesthetic reasons. For two: spoiler—my great-grandmother is my seamstress and I love her very much. And yes, that's the grandmother on my father's side, the human side, because Mikoy thought it was some revelaton that I am a chimera... even though it's literally within the first two minutes of my intro video, and it's pretty obvious from my name alone. Seriously, it's a very human name. Don't expect much logic from bigots, I guess?

Lusanti Laying Down.png

— Lusanti

Lusanti Marchois Judgement Talking

As his stream grew, Lusanti's budget did as well. He began bringing guests on board, hiring journalists to help him with research, and started having new segments entirely.

Among his new segments was a block called The Justice Hour, in which Lusanti wore an archaic Aempian judge's helm and spoke at length about various Syndicate politicians.

This became his most controversial character block, garnering him attention all across the Syndicate and turning him into a household name over night. Some loved him, but the Syndicate news cast him in a negative light as he began to expose Syndicate officials.

Lusanti Marchois Judgement Talking

Lusanti Marchois Judgement

I know that it may seem like too long ago to matter, but let's not forget how old Osborne Jadey of the Directoriate really is, and how few generations we have to go back into his bloodline to find dark origins. There is compelling evidence that one or both of his parents were assassins, and that his direct grandfather was the mud-baron Togue Jadey.

Let's dig into this, shall we?

— Lusanti
As 'The Judge'

It has come to my attention that the LifeStreamer Lusanti Marchois has been reporting on the nature of my bloodline. It's true, my family is one fractured across Banners and beliefs, but this presupposition of malfeasance, which has so very little actual evidence to support it, is detrimental to our Fundamental Meritocracy.

Please, Lusanti. Put it to rest. There are more pressing matters.

Osborne Jadey
Osborne Jadey
Director of Victory Corp.

I've been watching Lusanti for a while now, mostly in transit along the WayHall. Their ability to chain together seemingly-disparate evidence to reveal new wrinkles is admirable.

Their skills are squandered as a Lifestreamer. I hope to someday convince them to join the Justicars, where they can expose true menaces to society.

Lillian Hesperides

Lusanti Marchois Judgement Talking

The request to change course only spurred Lusanti on. He exposed several Directoriate members for schemes, rackets, money laundering, and, in one case, sophont trafficking to the ValuSelu Pact. His main interest remained fixated on Osborne Jadey, and had since grown to encompass the entire Jadey bloodline, which he claimed to be 'seemingly tied into every major clandestine plot for the last 1500 years or more'.

His streams became more sporadic, his messages more cryptic. He seemed convinced that he was onto something big, and also that he was in danger.

Lusanti Marchois Judgement Talking

I'm afraid I've dug deeper than I should have. I've uncovered connections that seem to sprawl out into every single Banner. Yes, even the House of Sorrows and the Vanthric Haimarchy.

I know I'll sound like those internet crackpots like TheTruthIsOutThere, but someone's noticed me looking too close, and now they're looking for me. I'm going to have to go quiet for a while, everyone. You may hear from me as whispers on the wind and mutterings on the boards. I will be around, and some day I'll come back with another video.

This is going to be the kind of story that crumples empires. Not just present empires, but the imaginary empires of years gone, the ones we've proppd up with propaganda and rose-tinted history books.

I won't let you all down. There's no better person for the job, because I'm the best.

— Lusanti
Final Confirmed Transmission
Lusanti Marchois

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Author's Notes

This character is inspired by many members of Breadtube (cue the "Bisexual LightingTM" in some of the pictures), and especially by D'Angelo Wallace, who is a great internet sleuth.

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Very interesting! I'm kind of on the fence about the heroforge figures as they are slightly jarring in their asthetic to this article. Despite that, it's a subtle jarring at most. Excellent use of the figures to breath some extra life into this character. It helps an already intriguing character sound all the more interesting.   You had me intrigued at the beginning, but you really totally hooked me fully with all the colorful character snippets. Especially the last one where his current(?) goal isn't even going to affect the current banners. just the history of how people see the banners of yesteryear. An interesting prospect!

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