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Archivist Justicar

Oh yeah, you know I can fuck with Banner Cops all day long. But one time I tried to rob a place where an Archivist Justicar was doing business.

All they did was turn and look at me, one hand in pocket. I felt real fear from those icy eyes, knowing full well they wielded more power than anyone in th room.

I ran, and no doubt you would too.

The Archivist Justicar are an elite group of The Archive whose job pertains to traveling across the universe in search of Affinity.

While they rarely serve in an enforcement position, they typically will work with local authorities to complete their goal, and have little patience for anyone who would hinder them.

Protecting the Public

Justicars are called into areas where Affinities have been reported. They are specially trained to deal with Affinity control and recovery. Those who can take the title of Justicar have earned their rank through experience and skill. Once they have located an Affinity, they will pursue it without mercy, with the goal to take it in to be analyzed and protected in the Archive's halls.

Fear of the Unknown

Archivist Justicars are known to be extremely powerful forces, not only because of their personal strength and abilities, but because of their armament and equipment. Archivist Justicars always wear a visible badge of office on their person, allowing them to be easily identified amongst a crowd.

While the visible badge has made them a target before, the vast majority of the populace knows to swing clear of these individuals as they carry equipment that can actually break the laws of the universe. Getting into combat with Justicars could lead to anything, and for the most part, none of it would be pleasant.

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We are sworn to protect the world from the dangers of Affinities. It is only with a life of dedication that we can join these ranks.

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