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Oh the word is new but the concept goes back as far as you can imagine.

Æthernet Historian

LifeStreamers are entertainers who put most or all of their life on display for others to watch. Most cultivate a very genuine attitude in what they do, regardless of if it's the true.

Most mature viewers generally assume that lifestreamers are performative artists, but they come under criticism for their sway over more impressionable, younger audiences.

Minor Streamers

It is not illegal in most Banners for a minor to LifeStream, though there are often restrictions which are reflective of that Banner's view on minors and their induvidual rights.

For example, within the Federation, which has many laws protecting personal freedoms and liberties, anyone may film and upload a stream of themselves of a length equal to their age as hours (so if someone is 9 they may upload an 9 hour stream).

You've got these kids, they grow up watching LifeStreamers and they say "this is what life is supposed to be like, I'm supposed to grow up watching people, I'm supposed to always perform like there's a camera on me, and I'm supposed to burn out."

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