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Humans are the most common and plentiful race in Cairne. Having held the seat of power that dominated most of the world for generations, their influence has played a role in the development of the rest of the cultures of the world on some level or another, even before the catastrophe that led to the Blighting of the planet. Despite that, the human species remains a predominantly populous one comparatively.    Humans are ingenious creatures. They are innovators and adapt quickly and easily to changes in the world, allowing them to survive even the most horrible of environments in some way. Whether it be the sturdy Hiversteadians in the inhospitable climates of the north, bred to be stronger and hardier than most through generations of selective breeding under the Becht regime, the Ventrytes that now dominate the Eastern Wastes and the Ramaal Jayiea Desert and mette out a life of freedom and hold an unabashed thirst for all the wonder that life has to offer, the pastoral Ongommu Tae, that hold up the world on their shoulders as the last remaining agricultural nation on the planet, farming and cultivating one of the last untouched regions of Cairne in a valiant attempt to sustain the rest of the nations, all the while maintain their own sense of philosophical values and agrarian principals, or the Bechtlarites, that still hold to their Empire and within the safety of its walled cities, invent and expand upon their already immense wealth of knowledge and skill to better equip the remaining cultures with the tools needed to survive the new world, you will always find them at the forefront blazing their path ahead through both light and dark alike.
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