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The Hiversteadians are the least numerous of the human races, namely due to their long lives and lack of interest in mating. The entire society has a rigid rank based system of rule that carried over from their military beginnings. Most of the ones still alive remember the events that brought the Blight bout personally, and also the many of their own ranks that were lost in the aftermath and civil wars that followed. Their current Commander Chief, Jorgan Panuk, is fair and even tempered, and is also one of the oldest remaining members of the old guard. He is known for being quick on his feet and is unmatched in personal combat. He was at the edge of the events that led to the Blight when the darkness was brought down from the sky, and has personally never fully forgiven the Bechtlarite Empire for letting something so sinister be brought about. This opinion is largely in part the reason why he has struggled so hard through the years to maintain a silent bridge between the split dwarven people, feeling in some way at fault for the events that led to the separation.


  • Commander Chief - The de facto commander of the Hiversteadian people. This is the final word
  • Council of Five


Hiversteadian culture is a fairly regimented and simple one. The people, in general, all have a place and purpose in the society, and no one person's role is less important than another. They do not tolerate classist views or the mistreatment of people due to prejudice of any kind, having been on the receiving end of such things for generations. They also do not tolerate those that refuse to do their part to uplift their society, though this is seldom a problem.    The Hiversteadians are also fairly welcoming to most outsiders, provided they respect their ways and territory, though they are wary of some cultures such as the Bechtlarite for historic reasons. The laws of the land, much like the people that inhabit it, are fairly simple, and all can be fit under one of three categories.
  • Maligait refers to what has to be followed
  • Piqujait refers to what has to be done
  • Tirigusuusiit refers to what has to be avoided

Public Agenda

The primary goal, as stated often by the Commander Chief and his people is to secure and maintain the Hiversteadian freedom and way of life at all costs. They have no sights set on expansion, power, or accumulation of wealth.


Having begun pre-Blight as a eugenically created caste of warrior populated by selective breeding programs within the original Bechtlarite Empire, the history of the Hiversteadian people is on that had grim beginnings. They were on the front line of every major engagement for generations prior to the War of Human Attrition, and a vast number of them were on the boats that held the blockade around the Seanachi islands when the Blight fell, and they were all lost when the armada was sunk. This was the final act that led to their opposition to their former rulers, and their fight was less for the reach of power, as so many others were, and more for the securing of a future for their people beyond the empirical and militaristic needs of another. They fought hard to this end, and eventually won that freedom.

Demography and Population

The Hiversteadians are fairly long lived by human standards, and slow to breed, meaning they are hovering closer to maintaining numbers rather than growing or declining. Within the realm of Stonebridge they are fairly evenly disbursed according to associated tasks and jobs, and need of skills and manpower.


Stonebridge is the sole settlement of the Hiversteadian people. While they maintain an active compliment of solders at the Blightcap, and it is not uncommon to see scouting parties and information gatherers out in the world, they claim only the territory they live on.


  • The Stonebridge Fusiliers - Primary infantry
  • The Stonebridge Cannoneers - Artillery 
  • The Glassers - Specialist Division the Utilizes Firespitters
  • The Engineer Corps - Maintains physical defenses, infrastructure, and in the field construction
  • The Black Hand - Specialist Division the is used as in clandestine operations
  • The Stonebridge Benevolent League - Maintains both the hospice in Stonebridge as well as an elite team of field medics
  • The Mountain Brigade - Specialist Division trained in manipulating the rugged terrain of the God's Teeth Mountains. They are elite marksmen trained to fight on skis.

Technological Level

The Hiversteadians are very knowledgeable in matters of firearm crafting and repair. While their own technological levels of understanding are far less advanced than those of their Culvarky neighbors, they are quick to understand and deconstruct any new technologies they encounter.

Foreign Relations

Hiverstead remain strong trade allies with the Culvarkt, depending on them a great deal for the import of food, textiles, and precious wood. They also remain in a strong alliance with the Fouvenians and even from time to time reinforce their lines with volunteer troops of their own.    They remain fairly neutral with most other cultures, save the Bechlarite and the Gauldowhynna for obvious reasons.

Agriculture & Industry

There is no agricultural production possible in the climate that Stonebridge is built in.    As to industry, the Hiversteadians are fairly well known for their skills in masonry. Whhile the Fouvenians have shared a great deal of their knowledge in stone manipulation, the Hiversteadians have taken it and applied it to brickworking. Their dome style homes and buildings are some of the most sturdy structures on the surface of Cairne. As to this end, a number of other cultures regularly import their stone and bricks.

Trade & Transport

All market trade on a large scale is handled through the Culvarkt. The close proximity to their airships are a large boon allowing for the movement of many and large quantities of many goods. The Hiversteadians are occasionally employed as a deterrent on these ships as well, defending the borders from pirates and other dangers that can arise over the course of a journey over the Void.    The Hiversteadians themselves tend to travel mostly on foot if they do leave Stonebridge.


Education is handled mainly through apprenticeships as far as trades and internal skills are concerned, but all Hiversteadians are required to serve a role in the greater military for at least twenty years. Within that time their education is rounded out a great deal, as they believe that no soldier should be uninformed in matters of politics, trade, social and cultural behaviors, and history.


Stonebridge has an advanced water treatment facility donated by the Culvarkt. This includes a geothermally heated sewage system that recycles grey waste and compacts the rest before disposing of it into a series of volcanic pipe systems underground. Policing is handled internally by the Stonebridge Fusiliers, and while no defined fire brigade exists, there is little need for one as the entire city is built from stone and covered in ice.

All are equal beneath the blade.


  • Stonebridge
Geopolitical, Stratocracy
Alternative Names
Predecessor Organization
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Major Exports
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Mercenary Services 
Major Imports
  • Grain
  • Alcohol
  • Preserved Meats
  • Medical supplies
  • Wood
  • Technology
  • Entertainment 
Legislative Body
Hiversteadian law was put into place during the founding of Stonebridge. It is a  simple system that dictates the place of the individual, regardless of position, the purpose to which they focus, and the things that the Hiversteadians are meant to avoid or not do. The laws have not needed much amending since their inception, but the Council of Five will step in to make these decisions if needed.
Judicial Body
The Council of Five presides over any large scale internal conflicts or contests of law, however, the Commander Chief maintains the day to day needs of conflict resolution and judgement over law breakers.
Executive Body
The Commander Chief is the head of all branches and divisions within Hiversteadian culture. While their rule is not absolute, their opinion will sway and direct the path of the remaining Council of Five.
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