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The Ventrytes

The Way of the Wind

The Ventrytes are an anomaly, an anarchy led loosely by the Elder Mother, who is the longest surviving, venerable woman of the tribe. The only requirement for this position aside from age, is a sound mind. The Elder Mother role is really more of a well respected figurehead, as the Ventrytes have no real ruling body. Instead, the Elder Mother is used to advise in matters of dispute or concerns that could impact the entire society. The current holder of this position is Elder Mother, Vhynna Sophia Grantiasti. She has retained an extremely sharp wit despite her age, and is an excellent judge of people. Under her watchful care, the Ventrytes have managed to avoid many entanglements with other races that would have ended poorly otherwise, but thanks to her intelligence and quick tongue, not a single member of her people have suffered under the legalities of another culture since she came into her position.


The Ventryte are a functional anarchy, and as such have very little time for traditional organizational methods, there is, however, an Elder figure that is referred to in times of need for wisdom and advice, and while they do not rule or govern, the Ventryte people hold their counsel in high regard.


Freedom above all else, is what is treasured by the Ventryte people. Ironically, for the most part they tend to be very responsible with this ideal, meaning that they are very civic minded culturally. Children are raised by the community, resources are shared freely, and the least among them are treated with equal value as a society as the the greatest among them.


The Eastern Wastes from the edge of the Commonage to the foothills of the God's Teeth Mountains is the domain of the Ventryte people, those they do not keep borders and seldom care if other cultures opt to settle within those boundaries.


Dusk's Song, a fortified location, some miles North of Dusty Shore, is the closest thing to a military establishment the Ventrytes maintain. Within are house approximately five hundred men and women who are charged with defending the Ventryte people should the need arise. They are trained with the scavenged weapons that they can find or barter for but have been known to be incredibly fierce when challenged. A force of chaos armed with swords, spears, and the occasional firearm, these defenders are easy to write off until they are upon the enemy. Known and respected among their people as the Dusk's Song Irregulars, they are an entire force of volunteers, and unlike other armies, they are free to come and go as they please. Ventryte social trappings do well to maintain a solid number of fighters and their number tend to remain at a constant.

Foreign Relations

The Wastes inhabited by the Ventryte people are fairly lawless and do not offer an easy life. There are a number of resources and skills the Ventryte people have developed over the years that grant them the respect of outsiders. They are the only race tolerated by the Gauldowhynna and actively engaged with in trade. The Bechtlarite, Ongommu Tae, and Culvarkt regularly employ them as guides and scouts when delving into the ruins of the Eastern Blight ridden wastes, and the Hiversteadians respect them for the strength they show in the way they choose to live, though they remain baffled by how an anarchy can function.

Agriculture & Industry

The Ventryte people thrive on their ability to come and go as they see fit, and the skills this mindset has granted them over the years living where they do, has granted them a secure place in the world as the foremost scouts, guides, and trackers in the Wastes.

Trade & Transport

  • Skilled labor
  • Antiquities
  • Information
  • Cartography


  • Limitrophe Follies Tent
  • Abattoir
  • Butcher's Block
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  • Silk
  • Cotton
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