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Dusty Shore

This is one of the largest settlements of the Ventrytes. It is a small fortified location right on the edge of the Wastes, built of high wooden walls surrounding an otherwise peaceful oasis. Many Benevolents and Doom Riders pass through here, as it makes a perfect way station for glory seekers and treasure hunters brave enough to challenge the Wastes. Within are numerous tented dwellings and Ventryte hunters and gatherers offering to barter their food for interesting goods. The Volrishtad caravans are not uncommon here. At the center of the establishment, within the largest tent resides the Elder Mother.


While primarily Ventrytes, this location draws in all types from all over. Curiosity and those seeking adventure and a chance to find the lost treasures of the wastelands often set up a temporary residence here.


The Ventrytes are an anomaly, an anarchy led loosely by the Elder Mother, who is the longest surviving, venerable woman of the tribe. The only requirement for this position aside from age, is a sound mind. The Elder Mother role is really more of a well respected figurehead, as the Ventrytes have no real ruling body. Instead, the Elder Mother is used to advise in matters of dispute or concerns that could impact the entire society. The current holder of this position is Elder Mother, Vhynna Sophia Grantiasti. She has retained an extremely sharp wit despite her age, and is an excellent judge of people. Under her watchful care, the Ventrytes have managed to avoid many entanglements with other races that would have ended poorly otherwise, but thanks to her intelligence and quick tongue, not a single member of her people have suffered under the legalities of another culture since she came into her position.


A wooden palisade surrounds the settlement

Industry & Trade

Recovered artifacts and relics, as well as documents and archaeological finds. Many Vertytes make a good living at offering to guide people through the wastes as well.
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