Cairne The Arrival of the Island Nations of the Undullain Upon the Mainland

The Arrival of the Island Nations of the Undullain Upon the Mainland



The seven day journey to return to the mainland passes without issue, and after a long time away from home, the expeditionary force returns with several unexpected newcomers to the Eastern Wastes.

The return to the mainland was a quiet and subdued affair, each of the individual ships and factions represented preoccupied with the unprecedented moment that lay before them. The ocean remained calm for the passing of the journey, and navigation was unhindered.   The expedition was met with shock by the denizens of Olive Branch as they arrived, many of the inhabitants not remembering the original group and those that did, never expecting to see any of them again. Even more strange were the unusual guests that they had brought with them, both the Sahahimu and even more so the Bonedancers drawing a crowd of curious onlookers come to see these strange and unknown people from across the ocean. Eager to begin making progress on their individual purposes for being here, the two groups of newcomers immediately begin setting about to gather supplies and information about this new place, though the Bonedancers seem to have some idea of where they want to go next, mentioning several times that they wished to visit the Gaul Do Shah. At the insistence of their hosts, a small feast is ordered and a night of introductions is organized.   The Sahahimu, curious but wary are drawn into the new lands, fascinated by the diversity of Olive Branch as they attempt to politely answer questions and of course, ask many of their own. While this went on, the Bonedancers remained in one corner of the building, watching and discussing matters amongst themselves and refusing all attempts at hospitality with a coldness that set many on edge.   The night passed uneventfully, and in the morning both parties set out their own ways, the Sahahimu towards Dusty Shore to meet the Elder Matron and then on to Stonebridge , while the Bonedancers chose to move inland towards the Ruins of Shah despite the warnings and urgings not to go there due to the danger. They would no be moved in this.

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