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Olive Branch

This oasis in the Eastern reaches of the Wastes houses a small fortified keep that serves as a Benevolent outpost. The outpost houses approximately ten members of the Benevolent order and a small attachment of fifteen Wraith Guard troops that watch over them. From here the order offers healing to all those in need and sanctuary from the Wastes. A small community has sprung up around the oasis and aside from the keep, the grounds around the water's edge is now home to the Sandpit, a tavern run by a retired Desolation Strider known as Lonesome Jack and a Culvarkt scrap collector and tinkerer who lives in exile. Beyond that there are a small number of hovels that house the remaining residents who live by fishing and farming around the oasis. The Elves steer clear of this settlement and will not engage with any residents of the area unless they leave and move deeper into the Wastes.


10 Human Benevolents 15 Bechtlarite Wraith Guard troops

Points of interest

  • The Sand Pit Tavern
  • The Benevolent Tower
  • The Haven
Alternative Name(s)
The Oasis
Outpost / Base
Approximately 100
Related Ethnicities
Characters in Location


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