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This is the one and only Hiversteadian city. While it is small in area, the buildings within are close and aligned in a formidable defensive array. Each building is in itself fortified and the entire settlement is walled and heavily guarded. The city, being built at the base of the God's Teeth mountains, allows for a tiered layers of fortifications, but allows the Hiversteadians to utilize the natural environment to add further deterrents to would-be invaders, such as snowfalls and ice coating on surfaces. There are two gates that lead in, each one built using monolithic stones that can be raised and lowered only from within the walls. There are a few small shops that sell sundries and food manned by a few stalwart Culvarkt merchants, and the one public hall. Beyond these, the buildings remain non-descript aside from a visual marking on each door denoting the family name, rank, and position.


Primarily Hiversteadian and Dwarven inhabitants.


The Hiversteadians are the least numerous of the human races, namely due to their long lives and lack of interest in mating. The entire society has a rigid rank based system of rule that carried over from their military beginnings. Most of the ones still alive remember the events that brought the Blight bout personally, and also the many of their own ranks that were lost in the aftermath and civil wars that followed. Their current Commander Chief, Jorgan Panuk, is fair and even tempered, and is also one of the oldest remaining members of the old guard. He is known for being quick on his feet and is unmatched in personal combat. He was at the edge of the events that led to the Blight when the darkness was brought down from the sky, and has personally never fully forgiven the Bechtlarite Empire for letting something so sinister be brought about. This opinion is largely in part the reason why he has struggled so hard through the years to maintain a silent bridge between the split dwarven people, feeling in some way at fault for the events that led to the separation.


High walls with tiered defences surrounding them. Stone gates that can only be opened from the inside.


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