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The Bald Bear

This tailor specializes in leather, furs, and heavy wools, the vast majority of which are sourced from The Greenlands Commonage . While machine crafted textiles are readily available through trade with Culvarkti , many of the Hiversteadians would rather put their trust in a hand made suit of armor, both to protect from harm and the environment.

Purpose / Function

This shop provides very high quality leather wear and furs for a very fair price, and Josephine has been known to have little issue bartering and even allowing purchases to be made on credit with the local Hiversteadian populace, though the Hiversteadians are well know for being trustworthy and honest as a people.


A large, glass bay window has been installed in her shop so that passers can look in ans see the wares she offers.


The architecture is fairly standard for Stonebridge, as the desire of the Hiversteadians was to make buildings non-descript and similar as a matter of strategy should anyone or anything get inside. This way, no one building is made out to be any kind of central target or location of importance. However, due to her nature as an entrepreneur, Josephine has made modifications to her shopfront that causes it to stand out and be noticed.
Shop, Tailor
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