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The Coiled Spring

The Coiled Spring is a curio shop run by the Culvarky merchant, Eric Dubois. Within the stone dome of his space, provided by the Hiversteadians in Stonebridge, he attends to many of the local needs with his skilled repair and tinkering skills.

Purpose / Function

The reason Eric is allowed to operate and ply his wares so freely is his knowledge of firearm repair and modification. He is a master gunsmith, and has been called upon many times to service and repair the cannons and firespitters employed by the The Hiverstead Defense Force .


The internal workings of the building have been heavily modified to facilitate the needs of the Culvarkt that both lives and works there, and a large number of creature comforts have been brought down from Culvarkti to fill the merchant's needs. There is a steam powered bellows, a large furnace and numerous clockwork and steam powered tools and gadgets that line the walls and hang from the ceiling.


The architecture is fairly standard for Stonebridge, as the desire of the Hiversteadians was to make buildings non-descript and similar as a matter of strategy should anyone or anything get inside. This way, no one building is made out to be any kind of central target or location of importance. However, due to his nature as an entrepreneur, Eric Dubois has made modifications to his shopfront that causes it to stand out and be noticed.


There are a number of mechanical intrusion deterrents installed in the points of entry and the central storage safe as well. These device consist of well kept Culvarkt secrets, but are rumored to be quite lethal if triggered.
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Owning Organization


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