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Culvarkt Council of Houses

Masters of the Sky

The Culvarkt dwarves are a sociocratic society, ruled and governed by a system of bureaucratic offices focused on tasks and procedures that keep the business interests of the entire race healthy and profitable. This is not to say there is not a more culture driven side to their society still, as there does remain a degree of focus on quality of life throughout it as well. Each portion of society has been divvied up and assigned to one of the other houses under the Culvarkt banner, with each Head of House acting as a member of a central Council of Houses that function autonomously and yet, still aware of the role they play as a single part of the entire process. The dwarves do not recognize any type of king or emperor, but instead recognize Joseph Culvarkt as the incumbent chairman of not only the Culvarkt house, but the primary voice of the Council of Houses itself. All decisions that are made that serve the business, economic, and social needs of the people are handled by vote within the council, and the decisions made there are beyond reproach once the ballots are cast. The dwarves have honored this system since its inception.


The Council of Houses includes the heads of each of the Culvarky houses and their advisors, utilizing their full scope of skill and experience in the decision making process with a very heavy consideration for the opinions and desires of House Culvarky itself.


Culvarkt culture is one of opulent wealth and technological mastery. They have lived for some time atop the peaks of the God's Teeth Mountains, above the toxicity and pollution, and blessed by the normally obscured sun. This attitude of wealth, culture, and technological superiority can make them seem haughty or even aloof, but in their own way this is merely a twist the common dwarven quirk of being slightly isolationist. The Culvarkt are masters of capitalism and trade, and thie is mainly due to them, culturally, knowing how to adapt to suit a situation when it is called for.    Among their own, they are quite jovial and creative, enjoying the arts and music, as well as fine foods and drink.

Public Agenda

The Culvarkt primary agenda is first and foremost, trade and innovation. They are locked in an amicable unspoken competition with the Bechlarite Empire to see who can remain on top of the economic and technological pyramid, that honor teetering back and forth regularly.


Aside from their substantial wealth and the mountain peak metropolis in which they live, the Culvarkt boast a very large military, complete with one of the largest airborne navies of all the nations of Cairne. They also dominate the trade and transport of goods, their airships providing the most numerous and secure logistic support there is.


Following the Dwarven Rift, the Culvarky found themselves cast adrift and in need of structure, moving to the mountains and deciding to move as far away from the danger and taint of the Void as he could get his people, Joseph Culvarkt along with the leaders of the families that had followed him up from Underhome , debated many nights while they dug in and began to adjust to their new climate and situation until they finally decided on the council structure as a means of governance.

Demography and Population

The Culvarkt Houses are spread out across the highest mountain peaks in the God's Teeth Mountains, each claiming, settling, and building upon their own peak.
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42nd of Cortus, 10
Geopolitical, Country
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