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Gillelle is a scientific outpost owned and operated by a conjoined team of Culvarkt and Bechtlarite researchers. The combined efforts of the two cultures are tasked with advancing technological means by which both cultures can travel, trade, and explore more efficiently. It is from here that a great many advancements had sprung in air travel, mechanized vehicles, submersibles, and various less known military implications as well. The entire settlement centers around the enormous geodesic lab at its center, made entirely of brass and steel, The Culvarkt Geodesic Laboratory . It is from here where all of the innovations are born that make Gillelle famous.   The settlement was founded by Joseph Culvarkt himself in a show of unified purpose with his allied Bechtlarite cohorts with the full blessing of both Sovereign Jaimus Oraulicli II and the Order of Objective Representation as well. The project was hailed across Cairne as a great stride forward towards a peaceful world and a show of potential and possibility. Aside from a devastating outbreak of The Breathless Plague , there has been no conflicts, issues, or mishaps reported from within the lab or the settlement at large which houses a sizable contingent of both Becht and Culvarkt citizens.
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