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The Culvarkt Geodesic Laboratory

Purpose / Function

The Culvarkt Geodesic Laboratory is a highly secure and fortified position in the heartland of the Bechtlarite Empire, located in the outpost of Gillelle . It is one of the more profound locations that houses many of the greatest scientists, engineers, and inventors of the Culvarkt and Bechtlarite empires. Working in unison, they are in a state of constant forward moving invention and innovation, keeping the advancements of Cairne moving in a forward pace as they scramble to keep up with their vision of making their world livable and safe once more.


The lab is a geodesic design that keeps an internal homeostasis of atmospheric conditions and temperatures, making it a perfect environment for the work done there. The design also creates a near impenetrable construction that, while untested, is touted as being strong enough to endure any catastrophe.


There is a stationed barrack of Ebon Enders, Sovereign Dragoons, And Culvarkti Air Guardsmen that maintin the borders of the settlement and the security of the work done there. They have been stationed as a fixed feature of the settlement ever since the outbreak of the Breathless Plague.
Alternative Names
The Wonderdome
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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