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Order of Objective Representation


The Order of Objective Representation is a coalition of representatives from each of the wards of Armuun, and one from each major settlement of the outlying cities that exist under the Bechtlarite rule of law. While the entire organization is presided over by the ruling Sovereign, he holds no more power than anyone else in the Order save for their individual influence in the proceedings that occur within its meetings. The currently sitting head of the The Bechtlarite Intelligence Bureau is generally part of the discussions over most matters of state in an advisory role as well.


As with Becht culture in general, the preservation and advancement of knowledge, science, and technology remain a prevalent and important aspect of the pursuits of Bechtlarite government, and the image portrayed by their nation on the world stage is an imperative aspect of all decision making processes. While the Becht industrial machine is one only rivaled by the Culvarkt Council of Houses , they remain a dominant world power, but one held in check by the unwavering memory of what absolute power can lead to.

Public Agenda

To the Public, the Order exists to shape the future of the Becht Empire in a way that enables prosperous growth and an elevated quality of life. They maintain the day to day goings on of government, manage security and safety concerns, dictate law and punishment, and maintain the dizzying financial aspects of the Empire.


The Ocularium , where all proceedings and debates occur.


The beginnings of the Order were drawn up during the writing of the Pact of Erindall as a means to assure the Becht Empire would never again fall to the whims of one person's folly.

" Dispositio potestatis ad omnes rationem reddit."

Governmental, Senate/Parliament
Alternative Names
The Coalition
Predecessor Organization
Ruling Organization
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Legislative Body
The Order of Objective Representation
Judicial Body
Nonpareil with Legislative Oversight and the input of the Sovereign on larger matters of state.
Executive Body
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations
Related Species
Related Ethnicities


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