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The ancient capital city of the Bechtlarite Empire stands as a testament to the power they once wielded as well as the power they still do. The city is the largest surface city in Cairne, a fact the Becht are quite proud of. The five sided walls that ring the city stand at 70' and are buried an additional 30' beneath the ground. At each corner stands a massive 180' tower that is filled with cannons and ballistae and equipped to be able to fire out from multiple floors at a full 360 degree visible area. The city's internal structure is a series of segregated wards, each utilized for specific functions, while at the very center stands the imposing Palace of glass. Under the streets are miles of maintenance tunnels that reach every corner of the city and allow easy passage and access for maintenance and custodial crews to get around the city without interrupting other functions and giving the impression that the city just stays clean with little effort. Beneath these tunnels is a very high tech sewer system that functions with various pumps and sluices that actively move water and waste to various incinerators, filters, boilers, and disposal centers. This structure is maintained by a large workforce and uses automatons for the more dangerous ar labor intensive parts of the job. There is still a much deeper part of the city, under all the other layers, and that is the ancient and forgotten catacombs. These bone strewn tunnels criss cross for miles beneath the city and are largely uninhabited by anything remotely civil. They were largely cut off from any of the infected dwarven structures, and so remain fairly untouched by the void, but the Bechtlarite people still muse over rumors of ghosts and demons that remain there, while the Wraith Guard desperately combs what of it they can in a constant struggle to find and destroy the Burnt Crows, a dissident Seanachaisian sect of freedom fighters.


While the population is primarily human, and even then mostly Bechtlarite at that, there are pockets of Ongommu Tae, a scattering of Ventrytes, and a large Culvarkt presence as well. While it is not openly apparent, the Ougham have a constant presence here as well, though they are seldom, if ever seen.
There remains a contingent of Seanachaisian freedom fighters as well, the Burnt Crows, but their numbers vary and remain a constant unknown despite the Becht's best efforts.


The ruler of the Bechtlarite lands and people still retain the title of Sovereign, though the former line was broken with the loss of Daimus III. The Sovereign acts as an emperor, but the Bechtlarite empire functions more as a constitutional monarchy now, with the Order of Objective Representation playing a key role in the day-to-day bureaucracy but still subject to the final word of the Sovereign in matters that are disputed. The current Sovereign, Jaimus Oraulicli II, came into power young due to an untimely accident involving a structural defect in the Palace of Glass that claimed the lives of both his father and mother. Oraulcli II is well educated but views his duties as tiresome, content to let the Order of Objective Representation carry most of the load, only getting involved in matters of the state when he either wants something directly or if he gets annoyed enough to step in. The Bechlarite Intelligence Bureau holds tremendous power within the mechanisms of power in every major city of the Becht. Under the current leadership of Nonpareil Candor Ralech, they maintain an ever-watchful eye on the Empire's interests, and an even more attentive focus on their enemies. The Wraith Guard, under his acute command, polices the physical and intellectual property of the Becht empire with extreme dedication and efficiency, able to work in the open and the shadows with equal effect. The Empire still claims a large swath of land in the East beyond the Outlands, and within its borders are several large cities and numerous villages and towns that surround them. The Becht maintains a sizable army that is under the direct command of Sovereign Oraulicli II. This force includes a sizable airship fleet, battalions of mechanized armor divisions and thousands of ground troops. These forces are stationed throughout the Empire depending on the needs of the area. Among these, the battalion stationed within the capital city of Armuund known as the Hellfire Brigade, are the most well known. They are unique in that they are allowed to function autonomously under the direct orders of Commander Sumer Daivon. At five hundred they represent the finest marksmen, pilots, and specialists in the Bechtlarite military, and this notoriety is used often to bolster pride among the common people and as a recruitment tool.


The five sided walls that ring the city stand at 70' and are buried an additional 30' beneath the ground. At each corner stands a massive 180' tower that is filled with cannons and ballistae and equipped to be able to fire out from multiple floors at a full 360 degree visible area.


The city has a vast and very advanced sewage system, and civil services that are the envy of most of the civilized world. The primary exports of Armuun are education and technology, though due to the inevitable diversity of these, a great many wonders are bought and sold within the markets and workshops of the city.


  • The Recreational Ward
  • The Industrial Ward
  • The Financial District
  • The Executive District
  • The Ward of Education and Higher Learning
  • Residential District
  • Commercial District

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