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The Armadillo PSV

The Armadillo PSV is an imposing steampowered armored personnel carrier designed for the Bechtlarite military's versatile transportation needs. This colossal vehicle is equipped with robust treads that allow it to navigate through treacherous terrain, ensuring the safe transport of troops, supplies, and goods even in the most challenging environments.   The exterior of the Armadillo PSV is clad in durable armor, providing maximum protection for both its cargo and crew. The steampowered engine, ingeniously designed, propels the vehicle forward with a distinct rhythmic hum, creating an awe-inspiring sight as it traverses the landscape. Its spacious interior is strategically configured to accommodate a significant number of troops, and modular compartments allow for efficient storage of supplies. The vehicle's versatility shines through its ability to seamlessly transition from a troop carrier to a logistic support vehicle during wartime, ensuring it plays a pivotal role in the military's operational success.

Power Generation

The engine features a sophisticated boiler system that efficiently converts water into steam, creating high-pressure steam that drives turbines or pistons. This mechanical energy is then transmitted to the vehicle's treads, enabling it to traverse challenging terrains with ease.


The articulated treads provide stability and traction, allowing the vehicle to conquer obstacles, rocky landscapes, and hazardous conditions. The synchronized movement of the treads ensures a smooth and controlled ride, even in the most challenging situations.

Weapons & Armament

The Armadillo PSV is equipped with a powerful single cannon that operates on traditional ballistic principles. Mounted on a turret affixed to the vehicle's chassis, this high-caliber cannon delivers precise and impactful shots to engage both ground and aerial targets effectively. The cannon utilizes conventional ballistics technology, employing gunpowder or similar propellants to launch projectiles at high velocities. The turret's versatile range of motion allows the Armadillo PSV to aim and fire in various directions, providing tactical flexibility on the battlefield.

Armor and defense

The outer layer of the armor consists of reinforced plating, designed to withstand ballistic impacts, shrapnel, and other battlefield hazards. The black and gold aesthetic is not merely ornamental; it contributes to the armor's functionality by incorporating layered plates and riveted details that enhance structural integrity. Beneath the surface, the Armadillo PSV features composite armor materials, which include a mix of alloys and advanced ceramics. This composition provides a balance between weight, strength, and protection, ensuring that the vehicle remains both heavily defended and maneuverable.
Creation Date
Vigor 176 PR
Military Formation Usage
Current location
Related Technologies
4 meters
8 meters
6 meters
50,000 kg
40 km/hr
Complement / Crew
Pilot, co pilot, gunner, engineer
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
14 passengers or 1120 kg cargo


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