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Black Powder

This chemical explosive has revolutionized the global cultures of Cairne in ways never before imagined, finding uses in numerous industries and the various organized militaries of the world as well. While the bulk of its use has been predominantly attributed to its use as an explosive, some minor medical uses and many industrial uses have had this technology put forth to enhance the efficiency and potency of the work at hand.


  • Firearms
  • Artillery
  • Demolitions
  • Field Sutures
  • Seasoning
  • Tattooing


The Bechtlarite and Culvart nations both have larger scale manufacturing of black powder in secure workshops. These specialized locations are staffed and guarded, and great lengths are gone to to make sure the work done there is safe and secure. The process of mixing the needed materials is a fairly simple one provided the amounts are regulated and monitored and the final products are stored in a dry warehouse devoid or open flames or sparks.

Social Impact

Firearms have become much more commonplace since the Blight, and in societies where the needed technology is abundant, it is not uncommon to see even civilians carrying one. It has had a profound impact on the way that wars are waged and the scope of larger scale industrial undertakings has increased significantly.
Parent Technologies
While no one individual is credited with the discovery, the pre-Blight alchemists that used it in their works are usually given the credit of its discovery.
Access & Availability
While still a controlled substance in many cultures, the use of it is not withheld for those with a legitimate purpose. The use of firearms and black powder based artillery has spread since the early days of the Becht out to the Culvarkt , the Fouvienians , the Hiversteadians , the Ongommu Tae , and the Ventryte cultures as a matter of common use for military purposes, though the technology can be found elsewhere as well.
The creation of the powder is fairly simple, though can be delicate and if not handled or stored properly, it can lead to significant damage and losses of both life and wealth. It is a mixture of three common elements:  
  • Sulfur
  • Charcoal
  • Saltpeter
Prior to the Blight, alchemists dating back some time had been using this chemical mixture in their work, though it was not put forth as a potential propellant for projectiles until the reign of Daimus the Second, where it was implemented in the flintlock muskets that were quickly becoming standard issue in the military of the Bechtlarite Empire.
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