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Emberlock Rifle

The rifle has a sleek and ornate design, with a polished walnut stock adorned with celestial symbols that glow softly when the weapon is charged. The barrel is made of a rare, lightweight celestial alloy that shimmers with otherworldly hues. The flintlock mechanism is intricately engraved with celestial patterns, and the trigger guard is embellished with miniature stars that seem to twinkle when touched.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

  • Celestial Alloy Barrel: The barrel of the rifle is forged from a rare celestial alloy mined deep within the Fouveinian Mountains. This material not only provides exceptional durability but also serves as a conduit for celestial energies. The barrel is carefully calibrated to absorb and channel the radiant power of moonlight and sunlight.
  • Flintlock Mechanism: At its core, the Emberlock Rifle features a traditional flintlock mechanism. A small compartment contains a magical flint that, when struck, produces a controlled spark to ignite the gunpowder. This familiar dwarven technology allows the rifle to harness the explosive force needed to propel the bullet.
  • Celestial Charge Reservoir: Adjacent to the flintlock mechanism is a small reservoir that captures and stores the celestial charge. This reservoir is designed to absorb and retain the radiant energy gathered from the celestial bodies, which is then transferred to the bullet during the firing process.
  • Starforged Ammunition Chamber: The ammunition used in the Emberlock Rifle consists of bullets crafted from starforged metal. These bullets are carefully loaded into a specialized chamber that aligns with the celestial charge reservoir. As the bullet is fired, it absorbs the stored celestial energy, becoming imbued with magical properties.
  • Guiding Light Sight Crystal: Positioned near the rifle's sights is a crystal imbued with guiding light enchantments. When activated, this crystal projects a faint glow onto the target, aiding the shooter in aiming. It also has the ability to reveal hidden or invisible entities within the rifle's line of sight.
  • Heavenly Reload Enchantment: A magical enchantment within the rifle allows for automatic reloading after each shot. This feature eliminates the need for manual reloading, enabling the wielder to maintain a continuous barrage of celestial-imbued bullets.
  • Precision Command Matrix: Embedded in the stock is a precision command matrix activated by a command word. When uttered by the wielder, this matrix enhances the rifle's accuracy for the next shot. The bullet, guided by magical forces, follows a predetermined path, bypassing obstacles and homing in on the intended target.


In the cavernous depths of Underhome, years before the cataclysmic Blight shrouded the world, a master dwarven gunsmith named Thrain Emberlock forged a weapon that would become a symbol of both craftsmanship and loss. Thrain was renowned for his skill in melding magical properties with traditional dwarven engineering, and he sought to create a firearm that could harness the power of celestial energies.┬áThrain spent years in seclusion, working tirelessly in his hidden forge. He gathered rare celestial alloys from the heart of the mountains and infused them with the essence of moonlight and sunlight. The result was the Celestial Emberlock Rifle, a masterpiece that combined the elegance of a flintlock rifle with the mystical prowess of celestial enchantments. The gunsmith's creation could channel the radiant energy of the celestial bodies, turning each shot into a beacon of otherworldly power.   The Emberlock Rifle became a cherished family heirloom, handed down from father to son among the Emberlock clan. Each generation of master gunsmiths honed their skills in the craft, adding their own enchantments and refinements to the rifle. It became a symbol of the Emberlock legacy and the unmatched craftsmanship of the dwarven lineage.┬áDuring a critical moment in the fight against the encroaching Blight, the Void Walkers launched a daring raid on an enemy stronghold. Unfortunately, the raid took a dire turn when they were ambushed by a powerful Blight-infused sorcerer and his minions. In the chaos of the battle, the Emberlock Rifle, wielded by the current heir of the Emberlock clan, was lost.


The Emberlock Rifle, now shrouded in mystery and hidden within the dark depths of the Blight-tainted lands, became a relic of the past. The surviving Emberlocks mourned the loss of their ancestral masterpiece, and the tale of its disappearance became a somber part of dwarven folklore. Whispers of its location and the hope for its rediscovery lingered, carried through the tunnels of the Fouveinian Mountains by those who still believed in the power of the Emberlock legacy. The Void Walkers, burdened by the knowledge of their unintended role in the artifact's disappearance, sought redemption in their continued fight against the Blight, hoping to one day uncover the lost Emberlock Rifle and restore honor to both clans.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Creation Date
352 AR
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This is a unique artifact
4 kg
180 cm
Raw materials & Components
  • Celestial Alloy: The primary material for the rifle's barrel is a rare celestial alloy sourced from deep within the Fouveinian Mountains. This special metal not only provides exceptional durability but also serves as a conduit for celestial energies, allowing the rifle to harness the power of moonlight and sunlight.
  • Magical Flint: The flintlock mechanism includes a specially crafted magical flint. When struck, this flint produces a controlled spark that initiates the ignition of gunpowder, a key component for the rifle's propulsion system.
  • Starforged Metal: The bullets used in the Emberlock Rifle are crafted from starforged metal. This rare material is known for its magical properties and is capable of absorbing and retaining celestial energy. The starforged metal enhances the ammunition, making each shot not only physically impactful but also magically potent.
  • Guiding Light Sight Crystal: The crystal embedded near the rifle's sights is enchanted with guiding light magic. This crystal is carefully crafted from a combination of enchanted gems and rare minerals to project a faint glow onto the target, aiding in aiming. It also has the ability to reveal hidden or invisible entities within the rifle's line of sight.
  • Enchanted Wood (Walnut): The stock of the rifle is crafted from enchanted walnut wood. This magical wood enhances the overall durability of the weapon and contributes to the elegant design. The wood is engraved with celestial symbols and runes that amplify the enchantments placed on the rifle.
  • Precision Command Matrix: Embedded within the stock is a precision command matrix made from enchanted runes and magical crystals. This matrix responds to a specific command word uttered by the wielder, activating the rifle's enhanced accuracy feature for precise shots.
  • Voidsteel: The Celestial Emberlock Rifle's celestial core has been altered through exposure to Void energy over time, and has proven remarkably resistant to the corrosive and destructive reactions that occur when material is exposed to it, leading to the altered form of metal being referred to by the few dwarves aware of it as Voidsteel, a rare and resilient material that is resistant to corruption and dark magic. This addition ensures the rifle's durability and effectiveness in the face of malevolent forces.


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