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Ongommu Tae

Salt of the Earth The Ongommu Tae were probably the hardest hit of all the human cultures by the fallout following the Blight. The simple but proud folks were the salt of the earth prior to the deconstruction of the Empire. Farmers, miners, builders, laborers, and sadly, the clergy. Once a very religious people, the abandonment by the gods splintered their entire culture into various squabbling philosophical circles. Some want to find a way to reach out and bring divine favor back and others claim that the gods are dead and it is upon the brow of humankind to rise up and seize control of destiny. These debates are many and often and generally argued over drinks and food. While they may not be as educated as the Becht, they have a unique stance and view on the world that cannot be ignored. Even the most simple of them seem to have a strong grasp of common sense and worldly wisdom. They maintain the ecological concerns of most of humankind and even supply many of the other races with various staples and services. The Ongommu Tae are generally well liked and received by all, more so than their cousins as they have never been known to be terribly ambitious and are usually very quick to welcome a stranger into their hearth and home.


Major language groups and dialects

  • Common
  • Ongommu Tae

Culture and cultural heritage

Many of the surviving people that went on to form this faction came from the clergy, and as such a great tradition of philosophical and spiritual exploration and debate remains.

Shared customary codes and values

A strong sense of community runs through every aspect of Ongommu Tae life. They look out for one another's best interests in most cases, raising children in large creches and sharing food and supplies whenever needed. It is said that no orphan or widow ever wants for anything within the Commonage.

Average technological level

Most of their technology is that of a simple worker, though the Commonage maintains a number of technological upgrades in place thanks to the craftsman of the Becht and the Culvarkt who donated these things as a way to insure the ongoing productivity of the region.

Common Etiquette rules

The Ongommu Tae are remarkably polite and friendly, though they remain wary enough of outsiders to seldom include them in any intimate parts of their day to day lives.

Common Dress code

The Ongommu Tae dress in simple fashion, and utilitarianism plays a large role in their style.

Art & Architecture

Rustic and simple construction meant to hold both its intended purpose and maintain a sense of comfort and resilience.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Planting and harvest festivals are celebrated with great zeal and vigor every year.

Common Taboos

Anything that endangers the land or the crops is not tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly, usually resulting in exile, or in more malicious cases, a quick death.

Historical figures

  • Director of Peacekeeping, Johanna Munkshoud


Beauty Ideals

The Ongommu Tae are fair folk with sandy features. They tend to have a faint sun kissed tone to their skin and their hair tends to range from sandy blonde to light brown. Their eyes have a more common leaning toward hazel or green, though obvious exceptions are not terribly uncommon. As a civilization of laborers and farmers, they are naturally drawn toward earthy colors and natural goods. Their homes and villages are always rife with gardens and fresh cut flowers, and the smell of sweet herbs and cooking meals are a common strain wherever they gather. They are hard working people who relish life and it shows in their fashion choices which blend rugged utilitarianism with comfortable loose form. Natural beauty is revered above all.

Gender Ideals

While there is no disparity between the genders, most of the people here hold to old, traditional norms.

Major organizations

  • The Republic of Tae
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