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The Deathless

The unhinging of the soul that remains moored to the mortal world somehow is a rare phenomenon, but it can and does occur, much like the An Rún Marbh . Unlike them, however, the Deathless are created with intention, whether it be as a boon or a curse depending on the individual and situation. While there are a number of ways that this can happen, in almost every case some sorcerous means is the root cause. Necromancy is a forbidden art in all but the most secret of places, and the results are considered an abomination by almost all living creatures, the very sight of them able to cause fear and terror in the living. They exist as a physical reminder of man’s mortality and as such are the shambling nightmares that exist in the shadows of myth and legend.

Basic Information


The deathless maintain their anatomical make up they had in life unless some type of physical modification is done intentionally. They are cold to the touch, and their flesh is soft by maintains an underlying rigidity unnatural to their living form.

Biological Traits

When the body of the individual is prepared for the change, it is exsanguinated in the process, and the blood replaced with a form of ichor that maintains their animated form. If the body is wounded, it will in effect "bleed" this ichor out very slowly. This can be repaired either by manually manipulating the flesh to seal the wound, or by the Deathless creature soaking in a vat of Aqua Mortis. If all of the icor is bled out of one of these creatures, they will enter a state of stasis until it is replaced or their body is destroyed. Damage to their form, while maintaining their humanoid facade will also reveal their true nature as each wound exposes the unliving tissue beneath.   Each of these individuals carries an active form of The Breathless Plague and interacting with one runs the ruisk of infection.

Ecology and Habitats

The Deathless can exist virtually anywhere, but tend to avoid warm or humid climates as these environmental aspects can make it more difficult to contain certain side effects of their condition such as smell.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Deathless do not need to eat or drink to sustain themselves, and they no longer retain the urge to fulfill these needs. They can however, for the sake of keeping appearances, imbibe food and drink, but the results of this must be manually removed from their body after the fact or the food they have eaten will remain in their bellies and rot, leading to distasteful smells and build up of gas.


The Deathless are creations of a powerful Lich or Grave Knight with the intention of bringing them into a state of bonded existence to the powerful undead. They retain their memories and faculties, but the remnants of their empathic and humanoid concerns will fade rapidly following their turning, as these things no longer serve any purpose. The longer the Deathless has existed, the more distant they will become from their humanoid roots.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Deathless are linked and inherently loyal to the one that changed them, as their lives are tied to one another by the ritual that creates them, but this does not stop them from acting and thinking like an individual. They will still pursue their own goals and desires as long as it does not contradict the whims of their creator.

Facial characteristics

While the icor in their bodies will turn their hair and skin white in a short amount of time, they retain the features they had in life. Their eyes will slowly become a dull shade of green and should they let the facade slip away intentionally, the undead creature beneath will be revealed for what it is.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Deathless are gifted with Void sight.
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